Saturday, 2023-04-08

direc85[m]<jord> "Does anyone know how to disable..." <- What's the scope of the address? If it is link, it's "harmless" and you shouldn't have to mind it, but if it's global, then it comes from the wifi router. You can check if there is an active IPv6 route to the Internet using `ip -4 route` and `ip -6 route` and looking for routes that start with "default".07:29
direc85[m]You can also add and remove IP addresses and routes using ip (and route?) on the fly, if you really want to.07:32
piggz[m]poetaster: (and other volla OG users) ... if you are on the devel: dont update, the kernel on devel: is broken08:12
malpoetaster: ok, need to check if I can reproduce that15:24
poetastermal, thanks.16:05
malpoetaster: there is some performance issue when moving a fast near the end of a game16:38
malmaybe too many things on screen16:38
poetastermal, after the 4th level, the other bodies start getting acceleration of their own. that seems to lead to downgraded rendering. I've just never seen it on the volla or volla2216:39
poetasterOn the original volla, it starts to get somewhat sluggish in movement at that point where on the experia the texture rendering goes south.16:40
malcould there be some leak16:45
malif it doesn't release some graphics resources or something16:45
poetastermal, could be. It's also a godot 3.2 build so I should try to build a 3.5 at least. That, on the other hand, won't run on the vollas.17:00
direc85[m]<piggz[m]> "poetaster: (and other volla OG..." <- Announcement about issues, always appreciated 🙏17:16
direc85[m]<poetaster> "mal, after the 4th level, the..." <- Sounds like a leak indeed...17:16
malpoetaster: have you tried with valgrind? :)17:33
Mister_Magistercan you open url like a link?17:54
Mister_Magisterlike on desktop when you click email, thunderbird with compose email pops up17:54
Mister_Magistercan you do the same with sfos?17:54
Mister_Magisterwill just Qt.openUrlExternally with mailto: work?17:56
Mister_Magisterlets see17:57
Mister_Magisterit does! letsgo17:58
poetastermal, I've just watched it in htop on the volla. it does not bleed.  ARM Mali-G52 vs. Adreno 619 ah, who knows.18:04
poetasterdirec85[m], I would consider a leak possible if it didn't work 'just fine' on other phones (volla, gigaset GS5). It DOES render a lot of textmaps, though.18:05
malpoetaster: it could also be some graphics side leak which might not show the same?18:15
malI can see on x10 III, maybe tomorrow, I'm not home today18:16
poetastermal, no worries. I'll try to gather a list of options that are used in compiling to see if that gives us some clues.18:44

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