Monday, 2023-04-10

riniguspiggz: . took about 22 h on PC for a set of 3 (i486, armv7hl, aarch64) . will test the result tonight06:09
attahrinigus: Whatever you have done since last, plus binfmt magically healing itself now got ma a docker image19:27
rinigusattah: "ma a"?19:28
attahhmm, i can't type apparently19:29
attah"me a"19:29
rinigusits not using mic, but zypper directly. so, it doesn't mess up your binfmt setup on the system as it was before19:31
rinigusattah: ^19:31
attahah... but none the less the service now doesn't fall over from the additions19:32
rinigusattah: good! I hope you will find it useful19:34
attahrinigus: So nearly there... lrelease: could not exec '/usr/lib64/qt5/bin/lrelease': No such file or directory   Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: svg19:41
riniguslrelease - that should be qt linguist package; svg is probably qtsvg. check the names - I am somehow more into opt-qt5- packages right now19:42
rinigusattah: ^19:43
attahSo it is even slightly more picky than chum?19:43
riniguscould be19:47
attahokidok... i'll poke at it and see what happens19:48
attahrinigus: Success! Thank you!20:00

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