Tuesday, 2023-04-11

dracks[m]one question, in the forum topic that you published the qt 5.15 build, you commented that maybe jolla didn't upgrade for the licence, can somebody made me a light summary about what is the problem with licence with the newer qt versions? Thanks!07:44
pherjung[m]surely money07:45
x2sI'm really curious what has changed with my cell phone reception here. Now I'm losing signal every few hours it seems (and have to reboot...)09:12
YuraBeznosHey, hello!10:40
YuraBeznosTrying to figure out how to use tracker via dbus. It looks like tracker returns results in file (UNIX_FD) asynchronically after some time.10:41
YuraBeznosIt'd very helpful to see an example how to use this.10:41
YuraBeznosI have a minimal example: https://gist.github.com/Zhiz0id/e76bd596646414a3ef7da424448911e810:43
YuraBeznosI'd be very grateful for any help.10:44
YuraBeznosFeel free to answer anytime, I'll read logs later. Thanks. bbl11:34

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