Friday, 2023-04-14

rubdos[m]Is there any advantage of upgrading the vendor image to a more recent one on the Xperia 10? I'm currently on ro.odm.version=94.9ganges_v907:44
rubdos[m]I imagine it might fix some bugs07:44
rubdos[m]or annoyances07:44
rubdos[m]But I'm not even sure if any newer version is supported by Jolla/useful at all07:45
direc85[m]AFAIK you can only use the versions explicitly supported by Jolla.08:56
direc85[m]With XA2, they had to explicitly support 17 and 17B, which had very little changes...08:56
malv9 seems to be the latest one for x10 for the kernel used in sailfish, those vendor images are specific to kernel versions (and android versions)09:20
rubdos[m]ack, thanks :)09:54
rinigusKeto and mal: looks like OBS API is down. osc commands get unauthorized error and it seems like was moved to do we have new OBS api access point?10:27
malrinigus: use as apiUrl10:43
mal* https://build.sailfishos.org10:44
malfor old checkouts you need to manually fix the url in .osc/_apiUrl of each project and package10:45
rinigusmal: thanks! will co those again. looks to be working10:46
riniguspiggz: ^^10:46
malrinigus: to replace the urls these work depending on which url you had before10:49
malgrep --include=_apiurl -rl . | xargs sed -i 's/'10:49
malgrep --include=_apiurl -rl . | xargs sed -i 's/'10:49
malin the parent folder of the local checkouts10:49
Ketoyeah, sorry about that10:50
rinigusno problem. mal , thanks, looks to be working10:52
rinigusannouncing it here as well: angelfish web browser is available at chum11:19
rinigusmissing packages in chum proper - will fix the build selections later tonight11:29
SellerieHi there, I'm currently trying to install the latest release of SFOS on my Xperia 10 and fastboot just keeps failing on me miserably. When I run the script it detects the serialno successfully but then throws an unknown command. Sometimes the phone just reboots randomly. Is there anything I can do to get fastboot to behave somewhat?12:59
SellerieLast time I fiddled with this phone this thorougly was 3 years ago and I remember it being flaky - but not *that* disfunctional honestly12:59
malwhich fastboot version are you using?13:05
direc85[m]What OS are you running? Forums have plenty of nice workarounds for USB issues13:15
BlumenkraftCould it be another "USB3 not working while flashing".14:23

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