Saturday, 2023-04-15

dracks[m]rinigus: I've got my xz2c with an 4.4 still, and I wish to update, but I was wondering can it be possible to create some script or small application to run the upgrade? one of the things that allways happen is that I need to check wich devcode is mine, and I'm afraid one day I will put it wrong and maybe brick the device or similar, thanks!05:58
Solrac[m]Hello~ I've a question. Has the Adblocking situation iimproved on SFOS? Or does Defender still lock up at startup?06:16
rinigusdracks: the only place to use devcode is in patterns check. usually we don't even need that, it is added for caution. instead, you can just check if you have patterns installed using `zypper se patterns-sailfish-device`. If it lists one config pattern installed, you are good06:23
rinigusno need then to do those steps with patterns install06:23
rinigusit was added as one of the updates led to removal of it. maybe just during my testing, so I wanted to be sure to avoid it on users devices06:24
rinigusin this sense, we don't really need any script, I think06:24
rinigusdracks: ^06:24
Ketothere is functionality in zypp to define essential packages that should not be removed06:54
Ketothough I don't remember if it applies in dup case...06:55
Ketothey are defined in /etc/zypp/systemCheck.d/06:56
rinigusKeto: good to know. is `version --dup` running zypper behind the scenes? I am not sure it is ... (we use version --dup for ported devices updates)07:00
Ketoversion --dup run some packagekit commands (I think it's a shell script so you can check what it does), and packagekit relies on zypp(er) so it does respect that configuration07:01
Ketoi.e. libzypp is the actual workhorse behind zypper and packagekit. zypper is the native cli interface for libzypp, and packagekit provides the unified or simplified package management interfaces, cli (pkcon) and dbus and whatnot07:09
rinigusKeto: thanks!07:22
rdrhow hard is it to get into porting?  I'm good at following instructions but not really experienced17:53
rdrthere's an unofficial lineage for my device17:53
x2smal: a fix for my problem would be highly appriciated. I have to reboot my phone now 3 to 4 times a day to be callable :|17:59
malx2s: yes, quite annoying issue18:12
malrdr: depends a bit on the device you want to port, btw more relevant channel for porting would be #sailfishos-porters18:13
rdrthanks mal, you seem to be doing everything here lol18:33
poetasterpiggz[m], I was just looking at GLES2 stuff on the volla22 and noted that gralloc looks odd: crw-rw-rw-    1 root     root        1,   3 Apr 15 19:51 /vendor/lib64/hw/gralloc.default.so19:10
malpoetaster: are there other gralloc modules?19:11
poetastermal, not in /vendor/lib64/hw/19:13
poetastermal, It's not the cause of the segfaults (on volla phones), but godot complains about it. haven't looked on experia yet.19:15
malpoetaster: what does it complain?19:16
piggz[m]poetaster: i think its a bind mount to /dev/null iirc to work around an issue with libhybris19:21
malpiggz[m]: what kind of issue?19:24
malpiggz[m]: which android base is that btw?19:24
piggz[m]11 iirc19:25
piggz[m]mal: something like, that devices uses libui, not gralloc?19:27
malpiggz[m]: so the device doesn't have any gralloc module? libhybris does have support for that, unless you hacked around that somehow before that happened19:27
mallibhybris does support libui now19:27
piggz[m]yeah, i think this was the first device like that19:27
malso why does it need such symlink19:27
malor mount19:27
piggz[m]maybe that bind isnt needed anymore19:27
malwould be good to try without it19:28

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