Tuesday, 2023-04-18

Selleriemal: direc85[m]: sorry for the late replies, have been busy with stuff in the meantime. I'm running version 33.0.3p1-android-tools, the one packaged with Fedora WS 37.06:05
SellerieBlumenkraft: Nope this cable was definitely USB 2 :D06:06
SellerieMy bowl of Kelloggs this morning was less flaky06:18
SellerieThe device already has SFOS Rokua installled, but I wanted to install the latest release without going through OTA again06:19
SellerieThe above attempt was done with the latest version of fastboot I could get from Google: 34.0.1-968007406:20
dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, how are you ?07:09
pvuoreladcaliste: i'm good, thanks. how are you?07:10
pvuorelaa bit busy with things again07:10
dcalisteI'm good, thank you.07:10
dcalisteNo problem to discuss later or async on PRs.07:11
pvuorelacan exchange a few words here, but just to note :)07:11
dcalisteThere are basically two things on the way : the second set of PRs for search results sorted by occurrence, and a new set of PRs adding alarms to birthday events.07:12
pvuorelayep. quite recent changes so didn't have time to check much yet. the birthday event thing i wasn't sure about if it allows to modify the readonly calendar and then make it more vague what those read-only things are.07:14
dcalisteOn the first point, I've added two commits in QML bindings : one that moves the next occurrence calculation back to the main thread instead of being done in the worker one, blocking. And a second commit that always load the recurring incidences in a sorted search.07:14
dcalisteAbout birthday being read-only, it still means that one cannot modify the evnt itself. No change to the summary, or date time. Alarms are kind of add-ons that the user can still modify.07:15
pvuorelawell, yea. though at the bottom mkcal/kcalendarcore doesn't separate between the events and user extra data.07:21
pvuorelanot sure how big of a problem that is now. user can always create a separate birthday event with alarm if it's just a person or two.07:22
dcalisteIndeed, but I think it's not really an issue for birthday at least where alarms from user input and birthday data set automatically are completely separated things.07:23
pvuorelajust thinking aloud, as alternative for bigger amount of alarming the contacts app settings or something could also allow to turn on birthday alarms and the contactsd would then handle it.07:23
dcalisteWhy not, but it may add a larger amount of UI changes to move alarm definition into contacts application. When you have time, you may try the PR. In my opinion, it's really not changing much the calendar UI. It even allows to share code between view and edit page ;)07:26
pvuorelawas somewhat thinking just a single switch or combobox, "Trigger alarm before birthdays" / "Trigger alarm <n> hours before birthdays".07:28
pvuorelaapplied for everything.07:28
pvuorelathen again thinking we do already too big calendar event alarms when they need to be explicitly acknowledged.07:28
dcalisteWell, ringing for every single contact with a birthday would be a bit too much :/ Letting the user choose with a simple logical way (alarms can be defined and tuned in calendar application) would be nicer. It's even not a large code change !07:31
pvuorelayea, would be too much for me too, but then again i wouldn't probably want any alarms here. but maybe i'll check the code in more depth. this mostly the initial feeling about the feature itself.07:34
dcalisteSure, I understand.07:35
dcalisteThank you anyway for the quick merge of the recurring alarm fix :/ Sorry for the mess. I've seen also that you commented the KDE issue on notebook deprecation from upstream. I agree that solving the sync issue when moving events from notebook should be addressed.07:38
dcalisteBut I think it's more an issue with mKCal itself.07:39
dcalisteThe way it is storing deleted events to be advertised to the sync plugin.07:39
pvuorelawell that's, i think, all the way to calendarcore.07:39
pvuorelabut the problem is the general setup we have. perhaps instead of notebooks we should have separate calendar instances for the current notebooks and then something to enumerate the calendars.07:40
pvuorelacould still be a single sql file, though. but it could still need some adjustments to allow same events on different notebooks/calendars.07:41
dcalisteExactly, that's what I want to move ExtendedCalendar to : a QSet<MemoryCalendar>. So we're dealing internally with different calendars but these calendars are presented agregated to the user, and maybe (or not, not necessary) to the DB serializer.07:41
dcalisteAs you said, first, current DB should be migrated to allow the same event (same UID) into different notebook.07:43
BlumenkraftSellerie, But i wasn't talking about the cable.15:15
malSellerie: odd that each of the attempts in the output gives a bit different output15:25
mallike it only gets part of the data15:25
malcan you check what "fastboot getvar all" does? does it work15:26
Selleriemal: Sometimes it gives output, sometimes it says unknown command, and after some time it literally crashes into regular boot17:57
malSellerie: and you are sure the cable and connector are ok?18:13
SelleriePretty, but I'll retry with another cable tomorrow19:27
piggzmal: lipstick doesnt support svg icons?19:29
piggzpoetaster: let me support rinigus suggestion and get you to submit libs you want ;)19:31
malpiggz: not sure, could be19:32
poetasterpiggz, I did try svg icons, I believe. Where is the issue?20:31
poetasterpiggz, should I just start in my repos on then if they build ask them to move to sailfishos-chum?20:31
piggzsure ...20:32
piggzpoetaster: svg app icons in lipstick, not in an app20:32
piggzpoetaster: kplan all working now20:32
piggzi mean ktrip20:32
poetasterpiggz, yeah, just saw it and thought, cool. kpublictransport. that's the modern verion of fahrplan.20:34
poetasterpiggz, you mean app icons from desktop files?20:34
piggzpoetaster: seems to support a -lot- of transport providers, so seems useful20:37
poetasterpiggz, svg icons do work. I had originally had only an svg for allthenews (now there are pngs), but the svg icon worked.20:38
poetasterpiggz, yes a lot of providers.20:40
poetasterpiggz, /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/{name}/{name} got me svg icons.20:41
poetastergood work, btw.20:42
poetasterand off to bed.20:42
direc85[m]Can I somehow enable (force) desktop mode? It's available in browser, but what about in WebView(Settings)?21:05
direc85[m]I'm trying to create a simple wrapper for a web page, and it only works with desktop mode...21:06
direc85[m]Okay I'm blind, nevermind!21:31
direc85[m]No wonder it wasn't in the 'U' as in 'httpUserAgent' 🤦21:31

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