Wednesday, 2023-04-19

poetasterrinigus, piggz[m] if I want to build kf5 stuff I need to get it into chum first, correct?09:47
riniguspoetaster: not really. I would suggest the following: make a repo for packaging at github and make sure it works at your obs. then transfer the repo to github/chum and submit to chum obs. we will make you maintainer at github for that repo and the one at obs09:51
rinigusrepeat for the next lib09:51
piggz[m]You can create a sub project in your home, and add chum as a dependency09:51
piggz[m]Or, what rinigus said :)09:51
rinigusif we do that way, we will be able to auto-update then all those kf5 libs in one go, which is probably what you want as well09:51
rinigusas piggz said, you would need to add obs dependency on chum as well for testing. that way we compile on our obs projects too09:52
piggz[m]Look in my subproject optqt for example09:56
poetasterpiggz[m], ok. will do.10:14
poetasterfirst one:
poetasterpiggz[m], did you mean optqtbuilds ? I'll try to add chum by trial and error10:17
poetasterok. got it. building.10:20
piggz[m]Ah, yes that one10:22
piggz[m]Working from memory here :)10:22
poetasterHej, I'm the old frail guy :)10:23
poetasterkcompletion is kinda elementary, I thought.10:23
poetasterrinigus, adopt convention '5.105.0' release where appropriate?10:33
riniguspoetaster: yes, we are on 5.105.0. note that you have to checkout that version in `upstream`10:43
poetasterI think I did that wrong :) when you add the submodule, you specify ver I would guess10:44
riniguspoetaster: it also fails to build10:45
riniguspoetaster: in chum:testingf not compiling though10:49
poetasteryes, because I have the module name and not the kcompletion in the name10:49
poetasterhmmm. v5.99.0-rc1 is the last version of kcompletion.10:50
poetasterhmmm. ECM (required version >= 5.240.0), Extra CMake Modules., <>10:54
rinigususe opt-extra-...10:55
riniguspoetaster: ^10:55
poetasterI have it already, but the CMake asks for 5.2XX which is not going to work. So I think I find the correct version.11:02
poetasterI need majmin_ver_kf5{stable}/frameworks/%{majmin}/%{framework}-%{version}.tar.xz11:02
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poetaster%find_lang_kf5 kitemviews5_qt means?11:33
poetasterrinigus, almost got it: Directory not found: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/opt-kf5-kcompletion-5.105.0-1.7.1.jolla.aarch64/opt/qt5/include/KF5/KCompletion11:47
riniguspoetaster: we usually have to add extra KF5 there... probably macros are mixed up a bit12:21
poetasterrinigus, so add something like: %{_opt_kf5_includedir}/KF5/KCompletion/ to %files devel?12:27
poetasterrinigus, ok, just locale files remain.12:36
riniguspoetaster: we drop locale part next to %files and just add
poetasterrinigus, that should work.12:46
poetaster%{_opt_kf5_datadir}/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/kcompletion5_qt.qm might too ;)12:46
poetasterrinigus, success.12:49
poetasterrinigus, one last question. what's your process for adding the submodule? git submodule add & init?12:50
poetasterrinigus, I just noticd that my path /upstream was not working after init and that checkout pulled the kcompletion root folder. I modified that in spec which works, but it's not like yours.12:51
riniguspoetaster: I start with empty repository. then I run13:09
rinigusgit submodule add upstream13:09
rinigusin that repository. then change to upstream subfolder and checkout the version: git checkout v5.105.013:10
rinigusthen back to packaging repo and "git add upstream". after that commit, get SPEC from fedora and modify that13:10
rinigusone of the modifications is to make sure it unpacks taking into account "upstream"13:11
riniguspoetaster: ^13:11
riniguspoetaster: its actually important that upstream is in folder "upstream". otherwise my scripts will not work for automatic update. please use those13:13
poetasterhmmm. I did more or less that. I'll try again.13:17
poetastergit submodule add --name upstream was my error.13:20
poetasterrinigus, ok, upstream it is.13:33
poetasterergg. libX11-devel hmmm.13:52
poetasterah, kde, re-inventing qt, one library at a time.13:53
riniguspoetaster: usually, you can drop all x11 requires14:02
poetasterok, I'll kick the tires.14:13
poetasterrinigus, ]   Could NOT find X11 (missing: X11_X11_INCLUDE_PATH X11_X11_LIB)14:24
poetasterrinigus, looks like find low hanging fruit first.14:25
riniguspoetaster: which lib is that? See if you can disable it in cmake15:20
riniguspoetaster: use this:
poetasterrinigus, you had one or the other with a cmake patch. can you remember which?15:55
riniguspoetaster: angelfish16:03
poetasterthanks. don't know what's worse. climbiing on the roof to afix a new solar panel or writing kde cmake files. beer.16:12
poetasterrinigus, btw, angelfish is great. it just is.16:13
riniguspoetaster: I like it too :). but same for SFOS browser - in many aspects nice design. if you find something wrong with angelfish, feel free to send bug reports to and fixes to their gitlab instance17:24
poetasterrinigus, so far, angelfish has been the best browser on SFOS since, errr, 2016. or earlier.20:00
poetasterI'd say the qt 5.1X effort has been worth it for that reason alone. but we have a modern trip planner too :)20:01
piggz[m]rinigus: poetaster not had much time tonight, have i missed any interesting updates?20:11

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