Thursday, 2023-04-20

riniguspiggz poetaster: started packaging a library that is a dependency for something . But it's not finished as he hasn't transferred repo to chum GitHub :)04:25
rinigusHaven't done much myself04:26
piggzmal: when are we getting openlara? :D08:25
poetasterpiggz[m], is it possible that Gralloc is the issue with godot crashing ?10:36
malpiggz[m]: good question :)10:53
malpiggz[m]: do you want to test droidmedia packaging with this and see if the packaging issue goes away10:57
malpiggz[m]: should magnetometer work in the old pinephone hw?14:23
piggz[m]not sure15:10
malpiggz[m]: seems scaling is wrong, messwerk shows 0.000 but raw data is not 015:38
malpiggz[m]: can you check your device?15:38

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