Friday, 2023-04-21

poetasterrinigus, opt-kf5-kcompletion and kcrash seem fine, use you upstream and patch methods. How to proceed. I'm working on more, but these should go the the chum github, no?10:34
poetasterah, sigh. I swore I'd rather LFS than build distro libraries. although I love a good DTD (and schema!) as much as the next man, why am I doing this?11:55
riniguspoetaster: yes, they should go to chum. That way we will keep updates automatic.14:30
rinigusRe distro libs: not thrilled about it either. But its a part of a project if you want to build on top of them14:31
poetasterrinigus, I think that somethings will end up being castrated. Doing a 'full' build of kio requires have docbook formatting, pulling all those deps 'this way' to get functionality from KDE that we can't really use (help browser?, no. help widgets, not really).14:36
poetasterrinigus, I'm paring it down to see how far kio core will get me. but it's a massive dependancy graph for a whole desktop distribution. That amount of overhead makes me thing I should just write some apps.14:37
malrinigus: where were the instructions for packaging apps for chum?14:39
poetastermal, developers guide, I think or are you looking for the opt-kf5 stuff?14:40
rinigusmal: see at and maintainers tasks14:41
malpoetaster: I was just thinking of finally pushing openlara to chum14:43
riniguspoetaster: yes, some sanity is needed. It helps to see cmake config and realize what's optional and what is required. Also, sometimes required are over applied, so compare with android in that cmake14:43
poetastermal, that'd be great!14:43
poetasterrinigus, yes, that's what I'm doing. as you know, it's a bit of work finding the first dependency on the graph :)14:44
poetasterrinigus, I'm going to try to abstract kdoctools out of this build and then see what happens. It bascially kills all documentation though.14:45
riniguspoetaster: we can read the docs on pc14:46
poetasterrinigus, docs. what docs. read the code ;)14:47
poetasterI need to build a function evaluation app for SFOS ... starting here:
piggz[m]mal: yeah, magnetometer doesnt seem to work17:10
piggz[m]mal: running sensorfwd as debug shows nothing to do with magnetometer17:13
piggz[m]mal: afaict, its not even loading the libiiosensoradapter library17:27
piggz[m]sorry, wrong commandlibne17:30
piggz[m]mal: looking at strace, id say its opening the raw files, but not reading them, like its waiting for an event17:35
malpiggz[m]: ok, needs some checking, the values in sysfs do change18:11
malpiggz[m]: any idea how to fix that pinephone would get ip properly? I thought the changes some time ago were supposed to fix that18:25
malpiggz[m]: I do see events from magnetometer18:38
piggz[m]mal: ive done fresh flash on PP and PPP and both give IPs and works with usb ok18:39
malpiggz[m]: odd18:44
piggzmal: you are up to date?18:46
malupdated yesterday18:46
piggzneither PP or PPP have audio for different reasons .. PPP is missing alsa-ucm-conf in the pattern, and PP has a UCM config file in the wrong location18:46
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