Wednesday, 2023-04-26

dracks[m]one question, there is some donation place for the sailfish-chum or this stuff?07:20
poetasterrinigus, I'm not sure why find_package(KF5DocTools ${KF_DEP_VERSION}) is in kio but not 'REQUIRED'. Build fails on that and KAuth ... core does not mask the doc tools out.07:34
riniguspoetaster: strange. I'll look into it bit later. Strange that kauth is falling as well - that should be packaged. Maybe it needs some optional deps as too07:39
rinigusIs kio at GitHub latest version of your scripts?07:40
poetasterrinigus, just updated. sec.07:51
poetasterrinigus, maybe it's my setup  not it's just failing on KF5AuthConfig.cmake07:53
poetasterrinigus, but I also don't trust my spec :) the original spec.fedora is there to compare.07:54
riniguspoetaster: quick look, so I may have missed it: kauth package is not included into requirements?08:06
rinigusBut I'll be able to look more into it later today08:06
poetasterrinigus, I'll take a look now. working on a hardware thing, parallel.08:07
svuorelahey. my xperia 10II or somtehign like that ran out of power yesterday, charged it over night, turned it on this morning and forgot a bit about it. Now it is stuck in the first "unthemed" "enter security code" screen with the power button not reacting and the touch screen not reacting. any ideas ?08:08
svuorelaother than wait for battery to drain charge and try again ?08:08
svuorelathe screen is on so it should happen eventually, though no idea on when08:08
poetasterrinigus, ok, one less now at Qt5X11Extras sigh.08:16
poetasterrinigus, hmmm I did add   -DWITH_X11=OFF so I'm not sure why.08:20
poetasterrinigus, ah, typographic, I think.08:21
Ketosvuorela: I think you can force a restart by long pressing the power key and the volume up key at the same time08:23
svuorelaKeto: thanks. I thought poweroff longpress would also do that but apparantly not.08:36
poetasterrinigs, I think only these paths need fixing: error: File not found: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/opt-kf5-kio-5.105.0-1.12.1.jolla.i386/opt/qt5/lib/qt5/libexec/10:58
poetasterrinigus, %{_opt_kf5_libexecdir} and co.10:58
attahWait what... the svuorela contributing signing to Poppler uses Sailfish? Cool!15:22
attahSo what are our chances of seeing that in sailfish-office? :)15:23
riniguspoetaster: now can look into kio . will clone it and see how it works16:09
riniguspoetaster: never add {?opt_kf5_default_filter} until you have package compiled. otherwise, it is impossible to see what are package requirements16:21
rinigusalso that macro should be used after __provides_exclude_from - it is otherwise cancelled out :)16:21
poetasterrinigus, yeah, I have yet to understand that filter :)16:44
poetasterrinigus, the one patch I added disables telnet which, I assume, we don't really care about.16:45
riniguspoetaster: that filter adds extra _global_exclude to what has been defined already. hence it has to be used after16:46
rinigussaw telnet, seems ok16:46
rinigusmacros with dirs are off, but it is not very consistent - sometimes we can use them as they are. so, I'll correct the paths accordingly in kio16:46
poetasterrinigus, the fedora spec is kind-of all in. It seems, although it has the android cases, very much a generally complete build, aka desktop all-encompassing.17:39
poetasterrinigus, I had looked for examples, for instance of libexec, but hadn't found any. maybe I didn't look carefully enough.17:42
riniguspoetaster: got it compiled and rpms ready. will now add requirements17:50
riniguspoetaster: also restored that ntlp package17:50
poetasterrinigus, cool, ntlm was a victim of my ignorance.17:51
poetasterrinigus, please push the changes so I can study them. I need to go through all those spec files ...17:51
riniguspoetaster: sure. just a sec17:52
poetasterthanks. I need to bring a child to bed first anyway :)17:53
riniguspoetaster: current state in fixes branch of kio. I have to add requirements as well, will add in next commit17:54
svuorelaattah: I have had jolla since the first one ... as my main driver18:13
attahsvuorela: Cool! Me too18:13
svuorelaattah: I'd be surprised to see the signing code ever being used in jolla. I don't see much need for signature verification. and I'm not sure how smartcards would work in there..18:13
attahOh, it's only smartcards?18:14
svuorelano. not only. but primary use case. e.g. german state18:14
attahMore generic signing could be nice... but perhaps not very much used indeed18:15
svuorelawhy would you sign a pdf with a x509 certificate it wasn't  for "legal reasons" ?18:15
attahMinutes of meeting for local hackerspace or somesuch (:18:16
svuorelaattah: what's your interest in poppler and signatures ?18:17
attahPoppler itself: SeaPrint and its underpinnings18:17
attahSignatures in Poppler; just thought it was cool18:17
riniguspoetaster: merged my changes into main and tagged it. trying at obs now18:56
riniguspoetaster: pushed kio to chum (testing and release). thank you very much for this large work! my part was mainly polishing it :)19:24
poetasterrinigus, great! I was a bit sceptical since kio covers a lot of ground. I think core may 'not be enough' in the long term, but I'm happy that we're there! Thanks!19:57
piggzpoetaster: rinigus: what apps are you thinking of bringing next?20:17
riniguspiggz: I was going to bring plasma-integration that should take care of icon coloring while we are using dark theme. haven't thought about next app yet20:42

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