Thursday, 2023-04-27

poetasterrinigus, if I'm not mistaken, we only need KF5NewStuff and KF5XmlGui to get a broad swath of stuff built06:04
riniguspoetaster: I can see that I will need kio in its full for plasma integration. also kf5xmlgui is in that list :) . but sure, addition of any of the libs helps06:07
poetasterrinigus, I'll work on xmlgui now.06:24
poetasterrinigus, I think in the long term we're going to have to do doctools too :-( ... well we've gone this far.06:24
riniguspoetaster: we would have to think about long term. what are the aims and how to get there... but that is probably for a discussion at forum06:26
poetasterrinigus, sure thing. I also have some silica work to do :) but I'm very grateful for angelfish, so, here goes...06:27
poetasterrinigus, btw, we need to try to meet up with mad dev ... but he's healing from an eye infection, so I thought give him some time.06:28
riniguspoetaster: this week will be very difficult for me, so that fits :)06:45
poetasterrinigus, I should go get a day job again :)06:46
poetasterrinigus, initial version of kxmlgui is in sailfishos-chum.06:47
piggzi like how becuase of TZ difference, you guys always beat me :D06:48
poetasterpiggz, I have a primary school child. I'm up at six regardless ;)06:49
piggzit doesnt last ;)06:49
poetasterpiggz, thank god. I'm a bit tired.06:50
poetasterpiggz, rinigus I'm just looking at the rabbit hole of kxmlgui, and thinking maybe not? but I don't understand the relationship to plasma. I believe, plasma apps no longer use kxmlgui stuff, or?06:51
poetasternever mind, it's just a library, what the hell.06:59
poetasterpiggz, GS5 is my daily, now. it's great. thanks.07:28
riniguspoetaster: packaged few dependencies for xmlgui, will start looking into it now11:00
riniguspoetaster: looks like you copied some bits from kio SPEC. I'll redo import from fedora  - that way I am sure we will not miss something11:02
poetasterrinigus, ah, I was about to fix that. I'm trying to keep as much fedora as possible.11:10
poetasterrinigus, it was just for the cmake flags that I copied.11:11
poetasterrinigus, maybe we should make tickets for the pkgs so that we don't accidently duplicate?11:20
poetasterrinigus, I was about to start on attica and kglobalaccel but don't know how to deal with cmake(Qt5UiPlugin)11:22
poetasterrinigus, FORCE_DISABLE_KGLOBALACCEL is available, on less11:27
svuorelaargf. sometimes I leave the current call in the phone app, mostly by accident. How do I get back to the screen to enable/disable keyboard, speaker, microphone, hang up, ... ?11:41
poetasterah, I just swipe wildly until the sounds and lights stop. same on android. same on ios.11:43
poetasterrinigus, i'll wait to move
riniguspoetaster: indeed, globalaccel is missing.11:59
riniguspoetaster: OK, looks like we have a conflict on xml now.12:00
poetasterrinigus, no, it can be turned off.12:01
riniguscmake(Qt5UiPlugin) should be from opt-qt5-qttools-devel, so we are good with that12:01
poetasterrinigus, ah, thanks12:01
poetasterrinigus,   -DFORCE_DISABLE_KGLOBALACCEL=ON12:02
poetasteris what I added.12:02
riniguspoetaster: I will pull your tree and see if it builds now.12:02
poetasterrinigus, not without attica12:02
poetasterI started on that:
poetasterI can push it over, sec.12:03
riniguspoetaster: OK, then I leave it to you (attica and xmlgui) as I have to go out soon.12:03
poetasterok transfered. I'll get to it later. If I stall somewhere, I'll leave a ticket to make it clear what's in process.12:04
riniguspoetaster: just let me know here. I'll ping you when I'll be back and can work on it12:07
poetasterrinigus, ok, will do.12:08
piggzkxmlgui is such an old library ... i remember using it when at university, 20 years ago!12:19
svuorelaI'm not sure kxmlgui makes much sense in a sailfish target12:24
piggzprobably not, its more about widgets12:26
piggzbut is a build req for some apps12:27
svuorelabut for apps where it makes sense ?12:29
svuorelano one wants a widget kmail on a touch screen12:29
piggzim not sure what its a req for .. poetaster and rinigus should?12:29
poetasterit's old stuff like kde games katomic ... all legacy, but a bunch of apps12:31
poetasterno one wants to program with xmlgui :)12:33
svuorelakxmlgui is a great piece of technology12:40
svuorelaif you are doing complex desktop applications12:40
piggzIm looking at , picking the interesting looking apps, then looking at the requirements12:43
piggzkeysmith might be a good one12:43
svuorelakeysmith would be great12:44
svuorelaand gcompris is great no matter the target12:44
svuorela(I'm biased. I have a 2y old)12:44
svuorelaand itinerary is the best thing since sliced bread12:45
piggzyeah, itinerary looks great, however pulls in a lot of kdepim!12:45
svuorelait needs mime parsing and such, yes.12:46
svuorelabut given it already is widgets free on android, it should be doable without too much effort12:46
svuorelaelse, neochat fills a gap that is actually missing in sailfish (decent matrix client)12:47
pherjung[m]piggz: Various apps are listed on this website:
piggzindex also doesnt look too difficult to package12:48
pherjung[m]I'm quite sure you already know the existence of this site, but wasn't sure12:48
piggzi didnt ... but i see im listed on it :)12:48
rinigusXmlgui is requiered for kio and plasma-integration. As is, it is probably easier to package and not try to uncouple those. In time , it may happen with plasma mobile13:25
piggzrinigus: we're missing qtconcurrent13:40
piggzall add that later13:40
riniguspoetaster: should I look into attica?14:33
svuorelamy suggestion as a long time linux packager and kde hacker is to start from an app and go down rather than try to get all things in ...14:34
svuorelaattica (and kio and xmlgui) sounds like features that should be hacked out rather than provided14:35
rinigussvuorela: that's pretty much what we do. I started from plasma-integration and went down the dep chain. attica is on a way :)14:35
rinigusxmlgui seems to be harder to hack out than to package it14:36
riniguskio is a part in many places, even loading icons from filesystem. that will be very difficult to hack out14:36
rinigusbut as for attica, I'll check it out14:38
svuorelabut plasma-integration ? are you sure you want that ?14:38
svuorelayou should only want that if you want an actual plasma running14:38
poetasterrinigus, yes please, working on other ting.14:38
poetastersvuorela, I also agree that we're pulling a lot of cruft, but it's a good way to learn what's 'there'14:39
riniguspoetaster: I'll take over then xmlgui and related packages14:40
poetasterrinigus, thanks, fighting with QML.14:40
piggzpoetaster: and we havnt event started on maui14:40
svuorelapoetaster: but 2/3rd of what is there is probably cruft...14:40
svuorelafrom a sailfish app perspective14:41
poetastersvuorela, yeah, if you look at a simple game like katomic, it makes more sense to port it.14:41
riniguspoetaster: you named attica repo with kf5- . as we don't use it for other repos, better to keep the same notation14:41
svuorelapoetaster: I can offer you a kolorfill to package instead ... :)14:42
poetastersvuorela, ah, I like molecules!14:42
svuorelait has colors and kirigami and not much else :)14:42
poetasterrinigus, I think I saw a second attica package in the kde context.14:42
piggzsvuorela: many apps rely on atleast the tier1 libs, so, that means all of qt + kf5 tier1 ... many mobile kde apps also do checkes for if ANDROID, and remove some deps that way, but we fail that check :)14:43
poetasterpiggz, maybe we should liberarly patch the cmake files (cough, ducks, runs and hides).14:43
rinigussvuorela: re plasma-integration: it defines QPA platformtheme which, in turn, ensures that icons are colored according to a theme. I suspect we will have to package some kind of settings app as well which will be using it too. hence the desire to package integration bit14:44
svuorelarinigus: aren't there a platform theme in silica to hook into ?14:44
riniguspoetaster: re name: I see, thanks!14:44
poetastershit. I finally have the programmable pocket calculator I always wanted.14:44
svuorelapiggz: yep. but kio and xmlgui are tier3 :)14:44
piggzsvuorela: i tend to agree  however, even the mobile filemanager index, uses kio + mauikit :)14:45
piggza _lot_ of deps!14:45
rinigussvuorela: maybe. depends on which direction we will go with it. whether to try to make kirigami apps to follow silica strictly or somthing else14:45
piggzsvuorela: feel free to package some apps too ;)14:45
piggzwe're pretty easy going wrt getting apps in the chum repo/obs14:46
svuorelapiggz: currently too busy hacking other kde software to package some apps ...14:46
piggzi feel the pain14:46
svuorela(but soon you can digitally sign your pdf's in cool ways with okular ..)14:46
poetastersvuorela, I see this as 'adjacent' to developing silica apps. I maintain Fahrplan, but I'm happy we have some backups. multimodal in silica and now ktrip.14:47
piggzsvuorela: you could pacakge that here too ;)14:47
piggzstep 1, make sailfish a tier1 kde platform14:49
piggzstep 2, ....14:49
piggzstep 3, profit14:49
svuorelapiggz: maybe flip it around ? make KDE a tier1 sailflish platform ? :P14:53
poetasterok, what does that tier stuff mean?!14:56
piggztier1 means doeesnt depend on any other kf5 lib14:58
piggzso, easiest to build14:58
piggztier 2 can depend on tker 114:58
poetasterah, I'm just having fund with a header file :) sqrt(sum([x - avg(x)]^2) / x[]) can now be calculated on v[x] vector in babbage :) the external dependancies are a single header file.14:59
riniguspoetaster: there are several things mixed up in your xml spec. please don't use prev package spec as a base, but take it from fedora and adjust from there. as it is, we had some extra filter on provides, missing dependency :( . it is harder to find what's up when it is done in such manner14:59
poetasterrinigus, yes I saw that coming. sorry!15:00
poetasterrinigus, I assume you meant xmlgui?15:01
riniguspoetaster: yes :)15:01
riniguslooking into it now, line by line ...15:01
rinigusnote that we should replace majmin with kf5_version or the update script will be in big trouble later...15:02
poetasterrinigus, actually that's the least fucked up!15:02
poetasterrinigus, ah, I was trying to stick closer to the original.15:02
poetasterrinigus, we should have written the conventions first. hmmm.15:03
riniguspoetaster: they are at . maybe just has to be  updated15:04
poetasterrinigus, ah, shit. had overseen that.15:05
poetasterrinigus, sorry. shame on me.15:05
riniguspoetaster: don't be. its a part of doing something - always start messy :)15:06
poetasterrinigus, I think I have a few too many parallel messes. One of those is in silicon and in production in hong kong, so I should be more careful ;)15:07
riniguspoetaster: attica is not needed so far. we can probably remove that repo15:10
riniguswith the office jobs - please do!15:10
poetasterrinigus, rinigus you got it out of kxmlgui? BuildRequires:  kf5-attica-devel15:16
riniguspoetaster: its not needed in cmake - so probably some old dependency which stayed in fedora15:17
poetasterrinigus, I'd suggest making me some tickets for packages when your tight on time and I'll take a more structured approach. Less learning at your expense :)15:31
riniguspoetaster: that's hard to do. will keep it in mind when I stumble on something bigger. we can in general try this approach and then all can contribute via such issues15:33
rinigussvuorela: we have  Sailtrix and hydrogen. can't say how they compare to neochat - maybe latter is better in some aspects15:38
poetasterrinigus, ok.15:41
poetasterrinigus, Sailtri has 'issues' and hydrogen is reasonable but a webview. I've been debugging key exchange issues with sailtrix. non-trivial.15:42
riniguspoetaster: I wonder if neochat and sailtrix use the same lib for matrix part15:43
poetasterrinigus, it's all libolm15:43
poetasterrinigus, checking now.15:43
riniguspoetaster: xmlgui packaged and in chum. I suggest to delete kf5-attica repo.15:47
poetasterrinigus, yes blast it.15:47
poetasterrinigus, neochat does not support DM encryption15:48
riniguspoetaster: I will look into kio dependencies later a bit.15:48
poetasterrinigus, it's using libQuotient for the matrix protocol.15:48
poetasterrinigus,     find_dependency(Olm)15:50
riniguspoetaster: blasted that repo.15:51
poetasterrinigus, thanks. one less !15:56
* piggz[m] uploaded an image: (113KiB) < >17:31
riniguspiggz: but don't we have totp app already? :)18:03
attahrinigus: heck, just slava has made two18:03
piggz[m]We have a browser too ;)18:04
attahand apart from the droidmedia crashiness, it is all anyone should need18:04
attahalthough ESR78 is getting a bit long in the tooth18:05
attahso perhaps questionable for how much longer18:06
riniguspiggz: we do. and right now qt5.15 is also having relatively old webengine. that will change with qt6 though18:06
rinigusbut agreed, there is duplication with all of it18:07
attahinsert obligatory "but it is Chromium" comment here18:07
piggz[m]Ringus: i agree there is a level of duplication, but,  so what, its not coding duplication, just some more packaging, and giving more options18:21
piggz[m]But when we replace liptick, we will want native looking apps 😂18:37
riniguspiggz: true, have to get ready for that :)18:42
poetasterattah, angelfish is nice.19:18
poetasterand foilauth is really nice.19:18
attahNo doubt... and agreed19:20
attahThe yubikey app is cool too19:20
piggz[m]id like to get a newer u2f/yubikey style device19:31
piggz[m]hmmm, i wonder if angelfish works with usb devices19:32
attahpiggz[m]: do look in to if the cloudflare yubikey promotion is still running... that made the price a complete no-brainer19:34
attahlike 80% discount or something19:34
piggzexpired ... im sure i registered for that, the link was highlighted in the search results19:39
piggz[m]keysmith is in chum19:44
piggzrinigus: audiotube music client cant be ported, it requires a lib called futuresql, which needs a c++20 compiler20:28
piggzactually, thats a recent addition20:29
riniguspiggz and poetaster : kwayland is packaged, was a part of requirements needed by integration one. made sense to package it as well20:30
rinigusc++20 may need newer gcc. bit messy to start using separate gcc, probably will have to then track stdc++ lib as well20:31
poetasterattah, yubikey app is cool. I don't use it so much since it's easier to just totp.20:34
attahvery likely... even c++17 is non-final apparently20:34
attahYeah... i did it for a few months... but since i need *two* codes every morning i gave up and went abck to regular foilauth20:35
poetasterattah, heh, my yubikey became a work only thing. and I'm currently unemployed ;)20:36
attahyou lucky bastard20:36
poetasterI'm not so sure. I think I need a manager :)20:37
poetasterok. off to bed. good night you pirates!20:38

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