Friday, 2023-04-28

rinigusKeto and mal : there are 2 dod packages blocking . Maybe something can be done on OBS side?16:39
riniguspoetaster: kio with gui parts is getting ready in chum now. kwallet is missing dependency - that will be added when qca gets packaged. qca waits for 2 dod packages resolution at obs (above)19:32
* piggz[m] uploaded an image: (306KiB) < >20:14
* piggz[m] uploaded an image: (414KiB) < >20:14
piggz[m]running an entirely different shell, inside qt-runner :)20:15
malpiggz[m]: cool20:27
piggz[m]Mal, currently inside qt-runner... I wasnt brave enough to run it as the main compositor yet 😂20:29
riniguspiggz: what is it? :)20:31
piggz[m]Cutie shell20:32
riniguswas just going to suggest it... based on atmospheres.20:33
rinigusso, should we expect it packaged soon in chum? :) to test inside qt-runner... replacing is probably more difficult - have to take care of locking screen and some other interactions with the rest, I presume20:35
piggz[m]Yeah, package is nearly ready20:46
piggz[m]initial dev builds
poetasterpiggz[m], cool23:15

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