Tuesday, 2023-05-02

dcalisteHello pvuorela. I wish you're fine.07:10
pvuoreladcaliste: hey. i'm good, hope you're too.07:11
dcalisteI'm fine thank you. I can imagine you've been busy recently. I'm working at the moment on designing and testing the API ideas we discussed last week about single notebook storage and agregation. It still work in progress though.07:12
pvuorelanice! yea, hoped I could have gotten time to go through the pending PRs, but bunch of them still to check.07:14
pvuorelanow i better hurry up before you start doing new ones :)07:14
dcalisteSure, no problem. None of them are really urgent anyway.07:14
dcalisteEh, the mKCal API rewrite is somehow quite orthogonal to what is currently pending. There should not be much real conflicts.07:15
pvuorelasure, that's nice. but even without conflicts nicer if these don't accumulate too much.07:17
pvuoreladcaliste: do we have anything specific to discuss now or just continue in the current/forthcoming PRs?07:21
dcalisteI think I don't have enough material at the moment on the API rewrite work for a relevant discussion. We can continue on PRs.07:22
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