Wednesday, 2023-05-03

x2spiggz[m]: I've noticed that you made the port for the Volla 22 phone. Would you say it is a good phone for daily use?10:03
piggz[m]Yes, only thing that stops me is lack of BLE10:07
x2sIs this a hardware or software limitation?10:09
poetasterx2s, I use the Volla22 as a daily driver. WLAN is a bit odd, but otherwise, it's a great phone. much better than an xperia 10iii.11:09
x2spoetaster: what about the wifi?11:23
x2sAnd are you running waydroid as well?11:23
x2s(and I'm really considering getting one. Even though I'd like to have an official sfos install and support Jolla with a license)11:24
poetasterx2s, it's generally fine except when trying to use it as a target with the SDK.11:31
poetasterx2s, I buy every SFOS device and lic. just to test. sometimes I can't be sure bugs are not port related, so I have an official device to compare with.11:32
poetasterx2s, not running waydroid.11:33
poetasterx2s, just testing sdk + 22 now.11:33
x2syeah, I'm not developing apps, so I don't need it as target (yet ;)11:44
x2sI just need a new daily driver, since the X is getting worse and worse :|11:45
x2sand all I really need is phone and bluetooth working11:45
x2soh, what did you mean with the wifi being wonky?11:46
poetasterwifi is fine except SSH to the device. there is something odd there. but it makes no difference to normal use. bluetooth works really well. mtp snappy, gps is relatively fast fix , camera is decent.11:49
x2sssh to the X is weird as well.11:51
x2sIt get's stuck, is very slow, but more lively when I activate the display...11:51
poetasterx2s, on the GS290, ssh is rock solid. but it may also be sdk.12:11
rinigusx2s and poetaster : ssh to the device is influenced by device suspend. you want device to suspend usually, but not while trying to get into it by ssh. rock solid ssh on gs290 is odd and may point towards suspend not working properly12:19
x2srinigus: I thought so. Usually I'm fine with it. Not doing much with ssh :)12:21
poetasterrinigus, I have suspend disabled when I'm developing. I'm currently connectd to the Volla 22 with htop running and the SDK will push an rpm to it, but no amount of removing and adding the device gets it connected to qmllive.12:22
poetasterrinigus, it's driving me nuts.12:22
x2spoetaster: I'm curious. qmllive listens to a port, I guess? Is it possible to check that port with netcat?12:23
poetasterI've removed it, added it to kit, deployed keys, 3 times. don't get it. But there is another symptom. the IP adress does not show up in the developer settings on the phone. strange.12:23
poetaster:::10234 is visible in the phone and outside. I wonder. maybe an ipv6 thing. hmmmm.12:29
x2scan you connect with netcat?12:29
poetasterx2s, it's tricky. the app needs to be depolyed from the sdk and a connection needs to succeed after it's launced. I  think it's some bug in the sdk. I vaguely remember haveing to remove and add phones in the past.12:33
poetasterx2s, ah, dead process on that port. ah.12:36
x2sthe resurrect it in true necromancer style! ;)12:37
riniguspoetaster: never used qmllive - so cannot help there.12:37
poetasterrinigus, I use it all the time when doing interface development. it actually works quite well (well, python updates don't always propagate).12:39
poetasterrinigus, how do you do fast iterative qml? or do you do that in Designer outside the sdk?12:41
poetasterrinigus, on the gs290, deploying WAKES the  phone and it connects directly. strange. I think I'm going to have to wipe every vestige of the 22 from the sdk. sigh.12:48
riniguspoetaster: I develop larger things in kirigami (pure maps & osm scout server). with smaller apps I suffer and copy rpms to device12:50
poetasterrinigus, ah, got ya. qmllive works really well. when it works.12:55
poetastershift register and accumulator finished. write a tutorial. sigh.12:58
*** poetaster is now known as Guest40113:06
poetasterah, it is the phone. I wonder. hmmm.13:11
rinigusnephros: that way of disabling hardlink will not work in longer term. as soon as new releases are added, we would have to remember to disable it for them as well. so, when you get time, please disable for all releases by default and enable for the ones you think it should be available15:47
attahpoetaster: no-oh! std::stod is completely useless16:49
poetasterattah, really? oh dear.16:51
attahit is locale dependent!16:51
poetasterperiod, comma. hmmm.16:52
attahbecause C++16:52
attahunit tests for ppm2pwg: passing, SeaPrint: failing, because of course Qt has locales up the wazoo16:53
poetasterit's a standard. if the norms are no longer norms. sigh.16:53
attahAmericans just don't grasp what it means to be bilingual16:53
poetasterI've just been geeking out on c++ so I'm a bit blind16:54
attahthey cannot comprehend working with more tahn one standard at a time, or god-forbid, having to interoperate16:54
x2s.oO( the real question is: Why are we using a comma to separate decimals? ;)16:54
* x2s shows himself out16:54
poetasterx2s, ah, don't get the anglo in me riled up.16:54
attahi'm not against switching... doesn't fix the problem though, because legacy16:54
x2sthe worst part of it all is: You can't change locale on the fly. Because it could affect C libraries...16:55
attahwell, you *can*... you just shouldn't16:55
poetasterattah, those are nice solutions :)16:55
poetasterparticularly memorable: fuuuuu_13.37x42.69mm16:56
attahi still need to feed it a damned locale, i can't just say "behave normally" or ". is my delimiter"16:56
poetasterthere can be only one delimiter.16:56
poetaster(queue lightning  bolt animation).16:57
attahthis is why my mom runs windows in english since at least 9516:57
poetastersounds like my aunt. she has numerious machines with different windows (and an ubuntu) for different versions of windows software.16:58
poetastershort-cut key power user. developers should not be allowed to fuck with that.16:58
attahdon't get me started on that Office translates shortcut keys16:59
attahand btw strtof_l is non-standard16:59
attahnon-C++ that is, so gnu or POSIX or somesuch17:00
attahnow, dinner17:02
x2syou could do it on your own, though. Ask std::numpunct what is used as decimal delimiter and then change the string...17:03
poetasterlet it taste well in swedish (smakyemaltid or thereabouts)17:03
poetasterx2s, thanks ! numpunct I did not know.17:04
x2siirc you can access almost everything from the locale with this. Currency sign, date order, etc.17:05
poetasterKnowing that compilers treat 0, 0.0, and 0.0f as an identity, I thought, remove all signs but the first and the  last.17:05
x2s*with this set of functions17:05
poetasterI've just been impressed about double.17:06
poetasterPushing the math on my phone.17:06
x2sthe whole table at the bottom...17:11
poetasteroh, dear. the sdk update is a dead dog.17:14
poetastershit: mersdk@ Permission denied (publickey). the sdk is dead. long live the king.17:26

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