Thursday, 2023-05-04

poetasterpiggz[m], any idea why qmllive won't work with the volla22 ? works fine with all my other phones. the sdk get's the rpms on the phone, they launch, but qmllive never sees the device?09:37
piggz[m]not sure , installed all dev pacakges from the sdk setup? ive never used qmllive!09:52
poetasterpiggz[m], yeah, it's all installed. I think it may be defaulting to ipv612:19
poetasterpiggz[m], the app I'm testing shows up (netstat) at: tcp        0      0 :::1023412:19
poetasterpiggz[m], but that could be all ips.12:19
poetasterattah, have the math libs have : char Settings::radixCharacter() const or the like ;)17:38
Ingvixanyone know where do the android apps' desktop files reside in the latest sfos?17:49
Ingvixno longer found in /usr/share/applications/17:49
Ingvixuh, no?17:52
attahi literally checked17:53
attahhave you just upgrated and the migration hasn't completed yet?17:53
Ingvixah, silly me17:53
IngvixI was logged in as a root17:53
Ingvixthey are there indeed, thanks17:54
poetasterattah, had you dropped the python packaging question?17:55
attaheffectively, yes17:56
attahtoo many other things to do that goes better17:56
poetasterattah, I under stand. I got python3 install --root=%{buildroot} --prefix=%{_datadir}/%{name}/ running by including rpm/pythonmodule17:57
poetasterattah, rpm itself is a submodule.17:57
poetasterattah, so one can include checkout submodules of the python src and it's rabbits (sic) all the way down.17:58
attahi'll have to take a look at the repo later17:58
attahnot getting it from text17:58
poetasterattah, I'll push it later. it's still in progress.17:58
IngvixI do kinda wonder if the migration of the android desktop files caused android notifications to not make a sound. I added an entry to the /usr/share/lipstick/androidnotificationpriorities after the system update and even rebooted the phone butI'm not getting a message sound upon notification18:04
Ingvixthough I've not yet tested any of the other apps that already were taken into account in the file18:06
Ingvixtelegram notifications seems to work. Hmm...18:16

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