Wednesday, 2023-05-24

enick_920I'm using Sailfish WebView, but it loose the cookie/session when I close my app. Is there some setting to avoid that? privateMode is already set to false.07:39
direc85[m]I did an experiment a while back (QML-only, very simple web page wrapper) and I had no issues with losing data... Sailjail permissions perhaps?09:10
enick_920<direc85[m]> "I did an experiment a while back..." <- nope, didn't work :-(11:35
direc85[m]ilpianista Can you share your code? It's hard to guess further...13:11
enick_920Mine was more a general question, just in case I was missing something obvious and known...13:15
enick_920I'll try to reproduce it with a different website first13:15
poetasteranyone grok what this obs error means? make: *** [Makefile:45: sub-src-make_first] Error 218:26
poetasteron aarch64 I get: Messages from sb2: (WARNING)qmake[2822/-142854336]Path not found for FD -100, for __fxstatat64()18:27
attahpoetaster: i think the error is over the top18:28
attahliterally, that is18:28
attahqgeoserviceproviderpluginosm.cpp:51:79: error: invalid new-expression of abstract class type 'QGeoTiledMappingManagerEngineOsm'18:29
poetasterduh, you mean, download the WHOLE logfile and read and weep.18:31
attahcan you tell i do this for work?18:31
poetasterattah, thanks! and I'm in amateur alley. sigh.18:32
attahThis is precisely the sort of shenanigans or jenkis gets up to18:32
poetasterattah, in any case, I know that I can fix this ! :)18:32
attahno you're not! you are just not damaged by years of sub-par tools18:32
poetasterattah, thanks for the push :)18:34
attahno worries, that's the least i can do18:34
poetasterattah, I feel a need to atone for the sin of abusing obs ;)19:35
poetaster(triggers service)19:36
attahWell, at least you are keeping it from going unused and risking shutdown (:19:37
poetasterattah, rinigus and piggz are keeping the wheels turning ;)19:43
attahsome backup never hurts19:44
poetastertrue, true.19:44
piggzpoetaster: i may make the X23 my DD tomorrow19:45
poetasterpiggz, ah, neat. I'm driving the rephone (GS5 6gb ram).19:46
poetasterthe x32 had less resolution but more everything else, or?19:47
piggzits rugged, and i like that, esp for mountain biking :)19:47
piggzlooks like 6gb also19:48
poetasterpiggz, the only odd things on the rephone/gs5 is that I can't get qml-live working :)19:49
piggznever used that :)19:51
poetasterpiggz, that's because you live in the netherworld :)20:13
poetasterI'm a rapid prototyping junky. I also like the emacs repl as long as the key bindings are evil.20:14
poetasterpiggz, but I think you also didn't see that issue on the volla22. I think it seems a GS5/rephone issue. You mentioned that you saw the ip address in developer settings?20:15
poetasterpiggz, funny. last time I did proper mountain biking, I didn't own a phone :) Rocky Mountains. Banff national park in Alberta. Very beautiful. And painful (downhill, treestump encounter).20:21
poetastersigh. herb had the worse of it. So, the guy who almost get's me killed (and vice versa)
poetasterhe had a concussion on that ride.20:23
poetasterherb is the first hacker (well, beside me) I ever met. 'To help address this last annoyance, I added a VHF radio module connected to a BLE dongle and a relay module with a set of ADCs to read the limit switches. '20:27

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