Thursday, 2023-05-25

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poetasterrinigus, how do I get cmake(Qca-qt5) I tried opt-qca but that doesn't get found either?12:46
poetasterrinigus, BuildRequires:  opt-qca-qt5-devel13:16
poetasterrinigus, if you have a chance, please have a look at
poetasterrinigus, libomemo-c is there, but I've done something wrong (repeatedly) in the qxmpp spec.14:16
riniguspoetaster: looks like is replaced by libQXmppOmemoQt5.so15:37 doesn't seem to be there => just comment it out in SPEC files section15:38
rinigus(lines 124 and 129, I guess)15:39
poetasterrinigus, hmmm.17:13
poetasterrinigus, isn't it naming? opt-kf5-libqxmpp-1.5 probably should be %{_opt_kf5_libdir}/%{name}-%{version}.so ?17:15
poetastersigh. Provides:       opt-kf5-libqxmpp-qt5-0 also looks wrong.17:16
riniguspoetaster: it shouldn't provide anything. just remove that provides too17:17
rinigusas soon as we you use opt-qt5, we have to specify all requirements ... manually :(17:18
rinigusno provides / no requires via libs17:18
rinigusonly packages17:18
riniguspoetaster: ^17:18
poetasterrinigus, I just spotted the extracting debug line with the library names. I'll try explicitly. Thanks!17:20
poetasterrinigus, the omemo library is not in opt but the xmpp library, as of 1.5.3 must use 5.15 so biting the bullet. it's for kaidan.17:21
riniguspoetaster: debug symbols should be OK. for libs not using opt-qt5/kf5, automatic requirements should be fine17:22
poetasterrinigus, yes. it did compile with BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libomemo-c) which is nice. others can use that. I may do a second version of qxmpp since several are using it.17:24
poetasterrinigus, for instance. but I put this version in opt because I believe it'll go past 1.5 soonish for kaidan (muc omemo).17:25
poetasterpackaging is tiring. I don't know how you do it. I'd rather expand large numbers to binary by hand. with a piece of coal.17:27
poetasterrinigus, hmm. switched to* and now I get not found on: opt/qt5/include/KF5/qxmpp, /opt/qt5/lib/cmake/qxmpp, /qt5/lib/cmake/QXmppOmemo17:30
poetasternaming. what's in a name :)17:31
riniguspoetaster: just check the log and see where those are installed instead17:31
poetasterrinigus, yo.17:31
poetasterrinigus, I'm jsut slow today. thanks!17:32
poetasterrinigus, when they build, I'll move them to sailfishos-chum/ ?17:35
riniguspoetaster: sure - would be great addition17:42
poetasterrinigs. sigh: /opt/qt5/include/KF5/  should be /opt/qt5/QXmppQt5 so I need to NOT use the macro.17:44
poetasterrinigus, do we have %{_opt_qt5_libdir} ?17:44
poetasterah, see it.17:48
poetasterrinigus, should this be  opt-qt5-libqxmpp instead of  opt-kf5-libqxmpp  or does it just not matter (tm)?17:56
poetasterattah, I went through all the gymnastics of that backporting, only to realise in the end that I need to go from 5.6 -> 5.4 not 5.5 -> 5.4 and that that is not tenable.18:06
poetasterattah, so I'm just going to fix the bugs by hand. it's sad. 5.6 is actually decent code. 5.4 is smelly.18:07
poetasterrinigus. builds.18:07
poetastertomorrow I am going to use only a soldering iron and discrete components where the logic is voltage dependant.18:07

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