Monday, 2023-06-26

rdris there any news about upcoming officially supported devices?01:42
rdrI can't find an Xperia 10 III except for C$600 lmao01:43
rdrwhich is a large price to pay considering it's a huge downgrade from my current Android phone01:43
MiikasdHi all07:52
MiikasdI created an app to read RuuviTag sensors in Sailfish (, it is currently under QA for harbour. Is there any problem to publish it in Chum too while waiting for the QA process to finish?07:53
KetoMiikasd: nice, it has been on my todo list for a while to write something to read the ruuvitags on sailfish, but never got anywhere with that plan :)09:07
piggz[m]poetaster:  opt-kf5-kquickimageeditor should be copied to chum main?09:26
poetasterpiggz[m], yes. I need to move a couple of more repos ...09:39
poetasteroh, that's already in the sailfishos-chum repo. I hadn't tested kquickimageeditor since I gave up on kaidan.09:41
poetasterpiggz[m], but it's a clean spec (as far as I am able to determine).09:41
MiikasdKeto: Nice to hear it. People from Ruuvi were excited to get support for Sailfish too when I contacted them about using the "Ruuvi" name and pictures. Let's hope for fluent QA process, this is my first app for Sailfish :P09:42
poetasterMiikasd, if you have an obs account, you can start on the road to chum by setting up a package in your obs home.10:25
poetasterMiikasd, I usually do chum and obs while harbour is waiting.10:25
Miikasdpoetaster: Thanks for the response. I don't have an account yet. The "Getting started" -guide in GH tells me to contact user lbt on this channel to get one. He doesn't seem to be online? Is there some other way to get the account?10:33
poetasterMiikasd, Keto I think Keto can help with and account?10:33
poetasterMiikasd, lbt via forum might also work.
poetasterpiggz[m],  opt-kf5-kquickimageeditor  is rebuilding from the correct repo now. I'll submit to chum when it's done.10:36
piggz[m]great, was just doing some housekeeping :)10:37
poetasterand submitted.10:39
Ketoyes, I can now create the account, Miikasd I'll PM you12:16
MiikasdThanks Keto, I got the account now. It will be long evening to study how the OBS works :D12:50
Mister_Magisternothing like fixing clearly broken packages
attahNice swedish touch on the finnish name18:19
attahNow i have to buy more gadgets18:19
Mister_Magistermaybe in next 5 years jolla will discover that %check is a thing19:10
malit's intentional to not use %check too much19:28
malto limit the amount of time rebuild of the whole os takes19:28
MiikasdHave I configured something wrong in the spec file, or is it normal that OBS shows the summary field as the Title when checking the builded rpm?20:25
MiikasdAh probably. Since the Title was Metadata for Chum, not for OBS?20:32
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