Tuesday, 2023-06-27

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, how are you ?07:07
pvuoreladcaliste: good morning! i'm good, midsummer was nice in åland. how are you you?07:08
dcalisteI'm fine, great you had good time for midsummer. Last week, I noticed this issue with CalDAV sync plugin : https://github.com/sailfishos/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/pull/2507:10
pvuorelaseemed simple. i'd expect getting that in soonish.07:11
dcalisteOk, thanks. About the previous PR with the wrong href for exception created on device of recurring events imported from server, I'm afraid I accidentally created it with 4e0b556a63d7a93b5d19d0b8c06261d66adcd85f in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar.07:12
dcalisteIn this PR, I moved the dissociation at creation of the exception. But the incidence comments (for instance, but many other fields) are lost in the translation between incidences and calendar::event.07:13
dcalisteI'm reconsidering it now, and thinking about how to keep the idea of this change, but keep the incidence exception in the worker so it can be correct and complemented from calendar::event and not recreated from calendar::event.07:15
pvuorelahm. ok.07:16
dcalisteI'm still at brainstorming stage, so a PR creation won't come before the summer break anyway.07:18
dcalisteSince last meeting, I've added the missing listing routines in the Sqlite backend and their implementation in CalendarStorage. I've updated mkcal#60 and #61 accordingly.07:20
dcalisteThis should make the transition in EAS plugin easier.07:20
pvuorelayep, good good.07:21
dcalisteI will do the transition in the Google one during the summer, so you'll have a better idea of what changes it implies in these sync plugins.07:21
pvuorelasounds good. the days are getting short at this point. i was thinking of aiming on getting first in the fixes. then maybe the alarm thing, and possibly the #60.07:22
pvuorelabut need to be a bit cautious also not to risk breaking things that won't be fixed for a while :)07:22
dcalisteGreat thanks, but indeed, I don't know what will be the window for 4.6, but large changes should not go in if we don't have time to fix potential breakings.07:26
dcalisteI noticed also that I didn't publish the PR in nemo-qml-plugin-calendar deprecating Extended*. It's now done with https://github.com/sailfishos/nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/pull/6007:26
dcalisteThis gives you an idea of the changes for the migration to the new API.07:27
dcalisteIt is based on nemo-qml-plugin-calendar#59 (which is new also).07:28
dcalisteI actually separated it from #60 because it may goes in before and represent structural changes required by the raise of uid uniqueness in all notebook.07:29
dcalisteTechnically, #59 is not necessary at the moment, as long as we're using ExtendedCalendar since the uniqueness is guaranteed there. But since it requires an API break, I prefered to submit it before.07:30
dcalisteThe problem is the search for duplication when importing some ICS data. Before, one could look for duplicated incidence while the user didn't choose yet the destination notebook. But later on, when the UID will be unique per notebook and not universally anytmore, one need to test duplication whenever the user choose the destination notebook.07:31
pvuorelaperhaps would have been also good warning if it's some notebook. i.e. would anyone want to import the same thing to different places. but whatever works here.07:38
dcalisteAh, you mean, look for duplication in every notebooks and warn in case it already exist in another notebook ? Why not. The proposed API change does not contradict with this possibility. But it would requires some additions (on UI side also).07:41
pvuorelayea, guess that would be a new warning. so maybe just simpler this way as it is.07:42
dcalisteCurrently, for a given notebook, it is marking duplicated incidence in the imported data with a warning notice and the dialog confirm label changes from "save" to "overwrite".07:42
dcalisteTo implement this additional warning, one can use a MultiCalendarStorage and stores the notebook(s) a given UID currently belongs to. But what is important now is to remove the notebook destination from the save() routine and being able to react on destination notebook change from the user.07:45
medgefanhello! i bought a NIB xperia 10 ii, and i am installing sailfish OS on it. following the install instructions on the official website, it tells me that android 11 is the recommended version to be on when installing sailfish. it's currently on android 10, but according to GSMArena it will update as far as 12. how do i make sure it doesn't update too far, and only to 11?09:39
askolsamThat's a good question. I flashed my 10 II so long ago that Android 11 was the latest10:24
medgefanwell, i got fed up waiting so i just ran the system update10:37
medgefanit's fine, it does it in increments. i have run it twice now and i am still on android 10, although a later version of it10:38
medgefangetting errors in dmesg while flashing SFOS14:55
medgefan[20059.298167] INFO: task fastboot:32416 blocked for more than 1087 seconds.14:55
medgefani followed all the instructions very carefully and everything went perfectly until now14:55
medgefanthese messages keep hitting every 2min.14:55
medgefan>> fastboot -s xxxxxx flash userdata sailfish.img00114:56
medgefantarget reported max download size of 804493312 bytes14:56
medgefansending sparse 'userdata' 1/3 (778236 KB)...14:56
medgefanthat's the last message i got before it started to seem frozen14:56
medgefanhmm... i reset it, seems fine now...?14:58

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