Wednesday, 2023-06-28

MiikasdHi rinigus, could you check if Skruuvi is ready to go to sailfishos:chum in OBS?06:08
MiikasdThis is my first package to chum, so I am a bit insecure if everything is correct06:08
rinigusMiikasd: yes, it is :)06:42
rinigusplease submit the request from :testing to sailfishos:chum and it should be all fine06:43
Miikasdrinigus: Thanks :)06:43
MiikasdDoes anyone know is it required to pump up the version if I add rpm for another architecture to harbour?18:39
MiikasdThere is no code changes done, only adding support for second architecture18:39
attahI'm guessing no18:42
MiikasdI'll try my luck if mdx confirms its working on his device :P18:43
attah(i.e. pretty sure i did just that at the advent of 64-bit)18:46
Ketoit should be ok...18:47
MiikasdOk, thanks. He was able to find one bug when testing so will probably fix that in the same go and need to increment the version18:52
direc85[m]Does anyone know how I could find the (local) coordinates of where a context menu MenuItem was press-released or clicked?19:34
direc85[m]It's not like I'm trying to cram multiple actions into a single MenuItem or anything, but I am. Not very Sailfish-y I know, but would be neat...19:34
direc85[m]I tried to fiddle with MouseArea but I could only make it receive events after releasing outside (so the context menu stays open) and then it's trivial to grab the click anyway...19:35

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