Thursday, 2023-06-29

MiikasdIs there a way to trigger rebuild for single build in Chum? My package failed with timeout for when it was moved from chum:testing to chum. It did build correctly for all architectures / versions in the chum:testing.07:00
Ketoyes, I triggered a rebuild09:15
akrosion the sony xperia ii/iii, does sailfishOS use the android drivers or Mesa's Freedreno driver for the GPU by default? if not mesa, can it be made to use it for better openGL support?09:23
akrosi*10 II/III09:24
MiikasdKeto: Thanks, all green now :)09:29
enick_681Hi there, I've a problem with a DBus connection: it looks like my application is able to use the dbus API and everything is fine. Then, after some time, the DBus API I use is stopped (it's one of the activatable dbus service, com.jolla.settings.system.flashlight specifically) and from that time my application can't use it anymore until I restart it. QDBusInterface::isValid() returns false when this happens.10:27
enick_681Do you have any hint idea? source code is on github, I can share it10:27
enick_681additional info: my applications runs as systemd user unit, it doesn't provide a UI10:28
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mdxenick_681, not sure if this is related to your issue. Sometimes in my XA2 Whatsapp or other applications blocks connections to camera and flashlight. Closing WA and others usually helps.11:00
direc85[m]mdx: That. Not only closing WA but I've had to restart the Android support. Signal Android used to do that too, haven't used it in a while though.11:01
Guest4535I don't run any Android app11:33
Guest4535are "daemons app" (no UI) allowed in Harbour?13:22

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