Tuesday, 2023-07-04

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MiikasdIs Tuesday some common day for Jolla to check the apps submitted to the harbour? Or just coincidence that two of my uploads has been checked in Tuesday :P07:55
ViGeIt's just coincidence08:59
MiikasdOk. Thanks for clearing the queue before your vacation. I wish great vacation to whole team :)09:02
ViGenow I realize that I should have written in the post that I will check the queue also tomorrow... I'll add an comment there. In case someone has some almost finished changes almost ready to be published09:03
attah /home/mersdk/.mb2/wrappers/sailfish-boost/patch: Unsupported: Patch spans across git submodules  :(09:13
poetasterattah, you black magic practioniers. some of us rarely descend to the depths of sfdk, let alone mb2 !09:19
attahthat is from a plain "sfdk prepare"09:20
poetasterah. shit09:20
attahWhich is about where my knowledge ends09:20
poetasterwell, maybe I can ask a question. I just fixed a build (badly) with target_link_directories(harbour-vipiano PUBLIC "${DEPS_DIR}/lib64")09:20
poetasterwhat's the 'correct way to get the library suffix for cmake?09:21
ViGeattah: There's this comment on the sources: "No submodule handling here - patches spanning multiple submodules are clearly a bad practice and as such completely unsupported!"09:22
attahpoetaster: does this help at all? https://github.com/sailfishos/calligra/commit/6fdd5ade1233f48c3421f29ae1b796962f7ab2ee09:22
attahViGe: uh-huh... but what does that mean for getting it building?09:23
ViGeattah: I *think* it means that you need to split the patches so that you only patch one submodule per patch. Do you have the sources you are trying to build available somewhere, so I could try myself?09:24
attahJust building latest Boost for SFOS, so i can update Poppler09:24
attahNot even trying to update Boost (:09:25
poetasterattah, thanks!09:25
ViGeattah: why would you have to build it in order to update poppler? Boost is... well, challenging09:28
attahartificially bumped requirement from upstream09:29
attahthe previous version in SFOS was.... "vintage"09:29
attahBut i guess i can just submit something that works with temporary changes (w.r.t. boost version), and leave final build to the pros09:32
ViGeoh, we haven't made a sailfish os release since we updated boost09:38
attaheasy fix... just release more often ;)09:39
attahI'm not so sure we actually use Splash though, and thus not see any gain from Boost09:42
attahAnd they use like *one* class. I'd not pull in all that crap if it was my project... but i guess it really does matter for performance in some cases09:43
ViGeattah: At least your poppler PR builds. How could I test that it actually works?09:53
attahInstall the packages, and open a PDF in office, and perhaps print one too09:53
attah(that being poppler, poppler-glib, and poppler-qt5)09:55
ViGeI don't currently have any devel devices at hand.. I need to flash one. But let's see if I manage to do that before my vacation starts :-P09:55
attahI really meant to save work... bit it appears i might have done the opposite09:58
ViGeOh, I was mistaken, I *do* have my Xperia 10 II on devel, so this isn't actually that much work10:01
ViGeattah: seems to be working10:07
attahViGe: Jaaay!10:08

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