Wednesday, 2023-07-05

MiikasdCould somebody trigger rebuild for in sailfishos:chum/Skruuvi07:29
MiikasdThe single build failed because of timeout07:30
malMiikasd: triggered and it already built successfully11:11
attahIs there any chance to increase the (minimum) Bluetooth TX power?16:25
malwhat sets that?16:26
attahmal: no idea :)16:40
Miikasdmal: Thanks for triggering the build :)18:35
MiikasdIs there any plans to allow developers to trigger single builds?18:35
MiikasdI needed to build 3 or 4 times all the packages to have all green at the testing repo18:35
malyou can always ping here even for chum testing18:40
malI trigger builds there also when I see failed ones18:40
malMiikasd: I need to ask if allowing such triggering is possible on obs, not sure how the permissions go18:41
Ketothe permision system is not that fine grained18:49
Ketobut the build getting stuck that often sounds a bit weird18:53
Ketointernally we have things like gecko, which is a huge build, that gets stuck all the time. but "normal" packages rarely get stuck18:56
malKeto: community obs has some issue with builds getting stuck, completely random18:58
malI should make sure it's not just some worker that is doing that18:59
rinigushave to do it occasionally as well, when I see them failed at chum.19:23
malrinigus: when you do that could you take note of the worker it used when it failed, to see if there is some worker that has more issues than others19:24
rinigusmal: will try to remember. let's log it in this channel then19:25
MiikasdThanks for the answers all :) Great if the issue gets resolved if the permission to trigger single builds is not possible.20:30
MiikasdThere was also issue of this in GitHub:
MiikasdI dont know if it should be updated with Keto:s answer?20:31

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