Thursday, 2023-07-06

attahUhm... bash: sdk-deploy-rpm: not found11:04
attahoh, and that seems to be on device that i get that error... odd11:07
attahMiikasd: now i'm all skruuvi'd up :)11:11
attahMiikasd: store is acting up for me, so i built from source - to see what had been fixed before i start goving feedback11:13
attahunfortunately the app appears to be broken as it sits right now11:13
attahModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bleak', NameError: name 'ruuvi_read' is not defined11:13
attahoh... submodules of course11:14
attahNow it works :)11:15
Miikasdattah: Great to hear that! Feedback and contributions are very welcome since this is my first app for SFOS11:19
attahMiikasd: Not bad at all for a first app :)11:19
attahI have some suggestions though... maybe use an image with a transparent background, like
attahIt's quite confusing that regular tap does nothing on the sensor list11:20
MiikasdThats something what I wanted, but couldnt make it easily to work and didnt implement it :D11:21
MiikasdAt this point11:21
Miikasdattah: Maybe pm / open a issue so we dont need to spam everyone here with Skruuvi stuff?11:22
attahBut... long-press is harder than single-tap, no?11:22
Miikasdlong-press was the default way how it works11:22
attahit's not like anybody else is talking here though :P11:22
MiikasdThats true, I feel that I have been spamming this channel for last week too much :D11:23
MiikasdBut maybe its good to have some conversation11:23
attahI have been quite happy to see some usage of this channel11:23
attahThe whole plotting/fetching setting is missing convenience settings like "one week", since "last measurement" etc11:23
MiikasdIt should have the "since last measurement" enabled as default11:24
attahAh, yes, i'm just bad at reading11:24
attahwhat do you think about the image i linked?11:25
MiikasdIf its transparent I will definately change to it!11:26
inzConfusing, the link says .png, but the image is actually .webp11:26
attahyes it is11:27
attahi think the server serves according to browser support11:27
inzIndeed, yes, wget go a png, browser a webp11:27
MiikasdI'll gather stuff what you report to the todo list later today11:28
MiikasdI have plenty of things to do for Skruuvi once summer vacation starts :D11:28
attahI know that feeling all too well11:29
Miikasdattah: Out of curiocity: What device did you use for SKruuvi? Did everything work?11:31
MiikasdI know only for sure that it has been used in X 10 III and XA211:31
attah10 III11:32
attahi do have all the others here on a shelf11:32
attahthe X might not have SFOS on it though11:32
MiikasdThats cool :D11:32
attahany device you are more interested in finding out whether it works than others?11:33
attahi'd say XA2 and 10 III is very representative though11:33
MiikasdNot really. I think mdx tried with Jolla C, but couldnt get it to work. All other device status is unknown11:34
attahMiikasd: i just copied the onClicked from "Show data", to also be directly inside the delegated ListItem... works like a charm11:46
Miikasdattah: Do you mean setting the selected device? Or that single tap is enough to open the menu?11:50
attahMiikasd: to make a tap behave like the first menu choice...11:52
attahi.e. going to plotDataPage11:52
attahNot getting any false triggering of the menu or any side-effects that i can tell11:53
MiikasdAhh, i was thinking that maybe single click should open the menu as does the "press-and-hold"?11:53
MiikasdBut even that it atleast does something with single click is better than it is now :)11:54
attahNo, that too would be annoying11:54
attahLike how that derpy Ubuntu desktop environment made it take two clicks to switch window11:55
MiikasdI only wonder if users dont find the menu options if single click takes straight to the plot page?11:56
attahPossibly... i guess depending on what they are looking for11:57
attahfor rename and delete that would be very natural11:57
attahso maybe if fetch is combined with plot, or at least reachable from there, all should be well?11:58
MiikasdYes, I think so. Maybe better if it could be reached from there.11:59
MiikasdOh, this would create possibility for the pagestack to grow until infinity :D11:59
MiikasdBecause there would be loop then12:00
MiikasdThe data fetch pops the PlotDataPage when the fetch is finished12:00
MiikasdWith just fetched data12:00
attahIf it was *only* reachable this way, it could just pop12:05
attah(i presume you meant push)12:05
MiikasdYes sorry, I meant push.12:07
MiikasdI think its not too convinient to need to go first at data plot page to be able to fetch new data12:08
attahyeah, better let the ideas stew for a while12:13
MiikasdYup, but I generally like the idea that single click for the devicelist would do something12:14
attahbut update-since-latest could have a button or pulley menu option, and then almost nobody would miss easy access ti the advanced fetch page12:14
MiikasdI think thats in the to-do list I linked12:15
MiikasdThe fetching of all new data is feature what most users probably use most common so it indeed deserves quick access from the pulley menu12:16
attahfor context menu, which might not be optiomal, but yes12:16
attahMiikasd: oh, and to make sure people find the menu; have it open in the screenshot12:18
MiikasdOh my, definately!12:19
MiikasdI think thats how I initially planned it, but I dont know why I didnt do it when taking the screenshot :D12:20
attahSo obvious you expected to come up with the idea again probably12:22
attahTook me a while; and i even have that in at least one of my apps12:23
MiikasdYeah. I think the list is nice when you know how it works, but at first a bit confusing :/12:24
MiikasdWhen I started to use SFOS I allways strugled with the PullDownMenus12:25
MiikasdDidn't knew that those existed and just thought that many apps are missing alot of features :D12:25
attahThere seems to have been several people pulling them all the way down and tapping the options12:26
attahSo you skipped the tutorial? ;)12:26
MiikasdBelieve me, I did it :D12:26
MiikasdBut i was too excited to get going with the OS so didnt pay too much attention12:27
attahNot sure how i learned honestly... been here since forever12:40
MiikasdI got onboard at 2021. Then used only for like 2 months and did go back to Android12:40
attahWhereas i have never used Android privately x)12:41
MiikasdThen I came to sense again and hopped in back at start of this year12:41
MiikasdAnd not going back anytime soon12:41
attahLet's just hope Jolla survives12:42
MiikasdIndeed :/12:42
MiikasdIm ready to throw in money if they will start to sell shares as part of the debt restructuring12:43
attahMe too, but i doubt it would make much of a dent12:44
KetoMiikasd: hey, I promised to provide feedback too on the skruuvi app, but been a bit busy :) I did take a look at it last weekend...12:59
Ketowhat would you think about writing the whole "backend" side in python?13:00
MiikasdKeto: Great! Hmm, if something I would like to get rid of Python completely13:02
MiikasdThen I wouldnt have dependencies to other Python libraries13:02
MiikasdAlso I have been trying to get as much as possible of the data processing etc to be done in c++ rather than Python13:03
MiikasdBecause I think its more efficient? I dont know if this applies for SFOS apps13:03
Ketoyeah, it probably is13:04
attahBut how heavy is the processing here really?13:04
Ketonot that heavy13:04
MiikasdAlso this is a more personal reason, but I use a lot of Python at work. So its nice to learn c++ in the freetime project13:06
KetoI had some existing python code (using the same bleak module) for scanning and receiving the live advertisements from the tags, so thought that could put that together with your log reading bits13:08
MiikasdYes! Thats something what I have planned too :) I thinks its on the to-do list13:09
Ketoone benefit with the python implementation would be that it could be build and packaged as single noarch package13:10
Ketoas all the python dependnecies seemed to be pure python13:10
MiikasdThe only problem with the advertisement data is that the tracking of last measurement becomes hard13:11
MiikasdWhen fetching new logs13:11
Ketowhat do you mean?13:12
MiikasdI initially thought as allways reading the advertisements in background when app is active13:12
MiikasdCurrently when the "fetch new data" option is enabled, we check the lates reading from db and fetch starting from that point13:12
MiikasdIf we listen to advertisements in background, there is allways measurements nearby13:13
MiikasdEventhough there could be gap in between13:13
MiikasdBut that is something I want to be included, just need to somehow take that into account13:14
MiikasdIt would allow to have the measurements about 2 second intervals instead of 5 minutes13:15
Ketowell, I would maybe have a "live" view with the latest advertised values, and the log graphs separately, like they are in the official ruuvi android app13:15
MiikasdThat could be one option :)13:16
MiikasdI think Ruuvi station logs the live advertisement data too13:16
MiikasdIf you export the data you can see more frequent measurements while the app has been running13:16
Ketooh, I have not used that so much13:17
MiikasdI dont know tho how they do the data sync13:21
MiikasdProbably they just allways fetch everything?13:21
MiikasdI dont personally have the app, but tried it with my Friends phone13:21
Ketoyou can tell it how far back you want to read the log13:22
MiikasdSo you cant just fetch automatically "new" readings?13:23
Ketowell, yes, you can give the timestamp of last reading you have when initiating the read13:24
Ketothe read command takes start timestamp and current time timestamp13:24
MiikasdYes, I know13:25
MiikasdBut I meant in the Ruuvi Station app13:25
MiikasdThey dont have the feature to just fetch new measurements without manually giving how far back you want the logs for?13:25
KetoI don't remember how it is in the app ui...13:26
Ketobut I think there is just "sync", and it fetches everything since the last sync13:27
Ketoor, well, I don't know what it actually does behind the scenes, but would assume that it works like that :)13:27
Ketooh, sorry, you were talking about the Ruuvi Station web app that talks to the gateway? I don't have that and have no idea what that does13:34
MiikasdNo I was talking about the android app. Its a bit confusing that both has name "Ruuvi station" :D13:38
Ketooh :D13:38
KetoI don't know where my android device is, so can't check it now...13:39
MiikasdBut yeah, one way to solve this could be keeping track in db when was last time that manual sync was triggered13:39
MiikasdThen it would be possibly to listen for adv data in background, and append those also to the db13:39
MiikasdAnd it would allow too the battery and movement counter reading13:39
MiikasdBut good ideas Keto and attah, thanks for those :)13:41
MiikasdFor the Python side I would like to keept it as little as possible because the long-term-goal is to get rid off it alltogether13:41
Ketook, I'm not very fluent with Qt so not sure how much I can help in that :)13:45
KetoMiikasd: harbour-skruuvi package is missing pyotherside dependency14:14
Ketojust installed it on clean device, and getting: file:///usr/share/harbour-skruuvi/qml/pages/GetDataPage.qml:20:1: module "io.thp.pyotherside" is not installed14:17
Ketoshould have in spec: Requires: pyotherside-qml-plugin-python3-qt514:17
MiikasdKeto: Thanks for pointing that out. It doesnt raise an issue if some other app has used pyotherside on the phone?15:49
MiikasdBecause It builds and install nicely from Chum15:50
MiikasdOr how can I reproduce this?15:51
Ketoyeah, it works if some other app has already pulled in pyotherside, which is not installed by default on the device16:53
Ketoand I can confirm that jolla c bluetooth is missing some required feature16:54
malKeto: any chance of checking which one? if it could be enabled in the kernel16:58
malI should grab kernel bt configs from jolla c and some newer device which is known to work16:59
MiikasdKeto thanks for reporting. I will fix it for next release, or you can make PR adding it if you want.17:44
MiikasdOr I can have a mention in the release notes too :P17:44
akrosi8hmmm, so I finally got my Xperia 10 III and flashed sailfishOS after testing calling works with Verizon under android (it does!)18:15
akrosi8I somehow managed to get one call off successfully under sailfishOS, but now it's behaving strangely and won't hold a data connection... I'm not sure if this is due to terrible cell service or something else18:16
akrosi8I find the fact that calling worked once interesting though, because I believe it contradicts existing knowledge of the device, sailfishOS and Verizon... unfortunately I didn't get a video of it18:18
malany idea if the issue is xperia 10 III specific or happens also on other xperias?18:18
akrosi8nope, though it might extend to the II since it probably has similar modem band support, which is what makes this so interesting18:20
akrosi8the 10 III doesn't support CDMA at all, which is probably why it didn't work with Verizon in the past, but Verizon sunset their 3G network at the end of 202218:21
akrosi8hmmmm, and now it won't fully boot, I'm just getting a black screen with blue loading circle...18:29
attahpiggz: Is Advanced Camera not in store for aarch64?18:48
piggzerm, i cant remember ... but im sure the version in chum was waaaaan newer!18:49
piggzi gotta admin im terrible at keeping my store apps up to date!18:49
attahpretty please?18:49
attahI still can't get the chum gui to install18:50
attahmaybe i should actually troubleshoot18:50
piggzerm, its dead easy?18:51
piggzjust visit, and intstall the package18:51
attahyeah... until i get "failed to install" with no info18:52
attahah, wait, nevermind i had resolved that... and this time around it was a legit problem18:53
attahi.e. installer conflicting with the gui itself18:53
attahmust have been around the Qt 5.15 experiments, it's literally the second-last app i have installed... whoops18:56
piggzattah: not sure what you mean ... does it install?18:57
attahturned out i had had it18:58
attahthe failure to install the installer was correct since it has a declared conflict18:58
piggzcool, and its working ok?18:59
piggzgreat, get your apps from there then!18:59
piggzalso, i highly recommend tokodon and kasts apps19:00
attahHrmf... i guess i'm backwards/oldschool enough to use harbour19:00
piggzfunny, i never check harbour for any apps!19:00
attahno SeaPrint for you ;)19:01
attahsaid apps are in testing, or?19:02
piggzboth main and testing19:02
piggzattah: except where nexcessary, i do like seaprint ;)19:02
attahnot seeing either19:02
MiikasdI tried SeaPrint sometime but couldnt get it to work :(19:02
MiikasdProbably the problem was in my stupid printer which is allways pain in the ass19:03
piggzattah: change settings to show all packages, not just apps19:03
piggzi havnt added the app metadata for those yet19:03
attahMiikasd: i guess i owe you some troubleshooting then - what's the matter?19:03
Miikasdattah: I cant check RN, the printer makes so much noise when its printing that my kid will wake up :D19:03
MiikasdBut I will try at weekend and see if it still doesnt want to print19:04
attahBut it's a model that should work, or that too is up for checking?19:04
MiikasdBut as I said my suspect is the printer more than seaprint19:04
piggzMiikasd: i dont think seaprrpint will work with daisy wheel printers19:04
Miikasdpiggz: xD19:05
MiikasdThats the problem then!19:05
Miikasdattah: Didnt check it yet19:05
attahpiggz: nothing provides libopenal :(19:05
attahMiikasd: model number?19:05
piggzattah: what are you installing?19:06
Miikasdattah: HP LaserJet Pro MFP M28w19:08
malattah: there is libopenal in sfos
piggzattah: keep calm and pkcon refresh? openal is in jolla repo19:08
maljust named in a different way19:08
piggzsee if pkcon refresh fixes it ... othersie maybe a package bug19:09
malthat doesn't provide libopenal package name19:09
attahokay, now it is just trolling me19:09
malattah: what do you mean?19:11
attahunresolved dependencies to qt5-opt packages that are obviously available19:11
attahand on said packages no way to update19:11
piggzattah: drop to zypper ... chum gui wont allow vendor switch, if you have things installed from other repos, the gui will prevent changes19:12
attahpiggz: thanks, that seems to have done it19:13
attahMiikasd: printer "language" support looks good19:13
piggzattah: thats a design decision, to prevent breakage for users  incase they have installed spcific apps from open repos or harbour19:14
akrosi8does sailfishOS use the drivers of the android image installed on the phone before it, or does the image completely replace everything else on the flash? in other words, does the version of android you start with on the phone have an effect?19:27
attahakrosi8: iirc it is stuff like partition layout and some calibration/config perhaps19:28
attah"drivers" are mostly what you add in with the vendor binaries19:28
attahbut there are people that actually know what they are talking about here (:19:29
malakrosi8: for official devices like xperias the image contains everything except of course the very low level stuff always on the device, in some cases the android version matters and instructions tell which one should be installed before19:40
akrosi8hmmm, this is weird. I have installed sailfishOS a few times on this device now, and every time I finish setup, all I get is a loading spinner that's seemingly over the lock screen (I can feel haptic feedback if I touch where the keypad should be)21:16
akrosi8the notification shade works fine though21:16
malwhich android version did you have on the device?21:29
akrosi8mal: I flashed the latest android 11 version from sony's 'emma' tool21:31
akrosi8which is, I think, the factory ROM21:31
malyeah, that should be ok21:37
malandroid 11 is the recommended one in the installation instructions21:38
malakrosi8: you mean that happens after you have finished or skipped the final part of setup i.e. tutorial?21:41
akrosi8yes, I tried both going through it and skipping it21:41
akrosi8and on the one successful installation (my first one) it happened on boots after the first or second21:42
maldoes it show the top bar in the screen?21:42
akrosi8like the status icons, or the menu if I swipe down?21:42
malso the top menu works?21:42
akrosi8no clock or icons but the menu works fine if I swipe yes21:42
maland reboot doesn't help?21:43
akrosi8nope, tried several times21:43
akrosi8oh my god, I figured it out21:43
akrosi8I had a 128gb microSD that I put in the phone21:43
akrosi8somehow it hung the initialization process I guess21:43
malthat's odd21:44
akrosi8I should probably open a bug report or otherwise document this21:44
malyeah, please make a bug report of that to forums if you can21:45
malneed to see if I have one of those or someone else has so it could be debugged more21:45
akrosi8how would I go about getting logs related to VoLTE?21:47
malthere is ofono logger app21:48
malthere are some things that could be checked like if the needed firmware exists and if it does is one of those configurations for it just missing21:50
malbut that is a bit too much to do now because it's 1 am here already21:50

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