Friday, 2023-07-07

MiikasdKeto, attah: I added something based on your feedback to the todo list for Skruuvi (those are in the bottom). Did I miss anything?08:18
attahMiikasd: Nice! I guess it would be the single-tap, for completeness, even if you sounded to be tracking that already08:22
Miikasdattah: True. I only didnt know what to write because I am yet not sure what the single tap should do08:27
Ketolots of stuff to do :)08:29
attahMiikasd: feel free to poke me about printing when convenient08:40
MiikasdKeto: Yeah, I know what I will be doing this summer :D08:42
Miikasdattah: I actually tried it this morning, and have some logs08:43
MiikasdI'll give them in a bit. I need to gte coffee first08:43
attahGithub issue type problem?08:43
Miikasdattah: I am not sure. You can decide08:44
attahAnd presumably being one hour ahead, do prioritize that coffee :)08:45
MiikasdKeto: Do you want to make PR for the missing requirement in spec? It would be awesome to credit you that way for finding it08:45
Ketonah, it's a oneliner, just add it08:47
MiikasdKeto: Ok :) It was just a oneliner but I wouldnt never spotted it :D08:50
Miikasdattah: Here are the logs, tell me if you need more info09:03
attahMiikasd: did you turn on debug in settings?09:04
Miikasdattah: Ofcourse not, that would habe been too wise09:04
MiikasdI can try later with that on09:05
MiikasdIm not currently at home09:05
attahNo worries :)09:05
attahWithout that i'm afraid i'm pretty much blind though09:06
MiikasdI understand. Are the errors like "Cannot read property 'value' of undefined" normal?09:07
attahYes, that's just indicative of my ambition level for QML09:07
attahsince there are no adverse effects to not null-checking your data in JavaScript... i don't (:09:08
inzYeah, it's not like execution would stop to such exceptions.11:48
Miikasdattah: I got new logs, this time with the debug on.18:23
MiikasdFail message on UI was: "Print failed: Cannot convert this file format"18:23
attahMiikasd: try setting another "Transfer format"20:11
attahIt is weird and has a specific format as default, and not auto-detect20:12
attahand it so happens to be the one i don't support20:12
attahMiikasd: for best results pick PWG and 600 dpi (and save settings so you don't have to do that every time)20:35
attahyour printer is the first to have different resolution support between the raster formats, which is quite odd20:36

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