Saturday, 2023-07-08

Miikasdattah: Thanks! these settings worked06:31
MiikasdI am not suprised that my pain in the ass printer was unique in this thing also :D06:32
attahMiikasd: happy to hear :)07:40
attahi should be able to change the logic so you wouldn't have had to care07:42
*** ced117_ is now known as ced11710:02
attahMiikasd: good thing i'm already rewriting this... it's getting messy:
attah(should make it work out of the box for printers like yours)14:49
attahMiikasd: okay, your printer is seriously weird... it asks for help transforming backsides of duplex output - which it doesn't support15:10
Miikasdattah: Nice! I think it has duplex support, and indeed needs manual support for it15:20
attahi don't count manual duplex15:21
MiikasdI see15:21
attahand presumably then you'd do whatever flipping and rotating anyway15:21
MiikasdThats true15:22
attahWow, they even mis-spelled URF in the device-id string15:22
attahit says URP :D15:22
MiikasdI said its one of a kind15:23
attahI believe you!15:24

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