Monday, 2023-07-10

MiikasdHow could I change the arcitecture of the emulator from sdk?19:09
MiikasdI have it currently at i686 but I would like it to be armv7hl19:11
MiikasdTried to change device model from Tools -> Options -> Sailfish OS -> Emulator mode, but it had no effect19:13
TominIt doesn't do CPU emulation, just virtualization, so it can't be changed19:13
MiikasdSo I can only use it with i486 builds?19:15
Tominthat's right19:15
MiikasdThanks! Will do that19:15
MiikasdI quess bluetooth passthrough is not possible in emulator?19:17
TominI don't think it's supported, but perhaps one could try USB passthrough and assign USB Bluetooth adaptor to the virtual machine. I don't know if anyone has tried :D19:18
Tomin(also I don't know if the kernel has bluetooth support enabled, it might not have)19:19
MiikasdOne more reason for me to finally buy the usb bluetooth dongle! :D19:21
MiikasdWow! The emulator is really useful for testing all the buildrequires package dependencies19:30
MiikasdNice way to get "fresh" device without need to factory reset to my own phone19:30

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