Friday, 2023-07-14

MiikasdAre there any plans to do more fine grained permissions to sailjail?11:06
MiikasdE.g. in my app I need to export data to Documents. I wouldn't need the right to read all the users documents, just write access to there11:07
attahMiikasd: None that i've heard... but an app not being able to read what it produces sounds borderline silly11:26
Miikasdattah: I was thinking to export sensor readings as csv, which could then be easily analyzed in PC11:28
attahSounds more like a use-case for sharing (the literal function, not the abstract concept) files between apps with no shared permissions11:30
attahas long as the file makes it to wherever it needs to go (outside the phone), no need to be particular about where it is stored temporarily11:31
Miikasdattah: True, but atleast for my the most convinient way would be to store it to Documents and transfer it then with rsync / usb media mode11:32
attahSure... but permissions are for more "average" people11:34
MiikasdYou think they would be confused with something like "Write permission to documents"? :D11:35
attahYes, and not really have use-cases for it11:36
attahbut that's just my take on it11:36
MiikasdI see11:36
MiikasdBtw attah, I changed the device icon in Skruuvi to transparent one11:37
MiikasdLooks a lot better11:37
MiikasdThanks for the tip :)11:37
attahI guess i'm due an update then11:37
MiikasdProbs wont release in a bit11:37
attahno worries, and thanks for implementing11:38
MiikasdI try to get all out of of the harbour QA vacation11:38
MiikasdAnd then release a bit before they are back11:38
attahI see.. i thought it was available to compile11:39
MiikasdIf you compile yourself :D11:39
MiikasdIts in the devel branch11:39
attahwell then...11:40
attahAnd there we have it. Looks good11:42
MiikasdThere is also now about page if you click the logo. And fullscreen graphs if you click the plots11:43
attahVery good :)11:43
MiikasdIm not sure if I yet like how the fullscreen plots looks like, but its OK for first version11:43
attahWell, it's a graph, and its fullscreen, what's not to like?11:44
MiikasdSomehow it doesnt please my eye :D Maybe the height of the graph should be a bit lower. Dont know yet11:46
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