Saturday, 2023-07-15

elzarhey everyone, is anyone still using the old Sony Xperia X with sailfish OS and can report about their experience? How useful is the pone for you, when you only have android 4.4 support? I recently bought a new phone and still have my old Xperia X lying around, and now I'm wondering if I should flash Sailfish OS on it and use it as a 2nd phone.10:45
elzarto clarify, I've used stock android on my Xperia so far.10:46
MiikasdMaybe try out with the free license first if you like it? You dont get android support, but get a feel for the OS11:09
MiikasdI have only experience with Xperia 10 II / III, and atleast can recommend SFOS with those11:10
elzarI don't care so much about the price, I'd gladly pay 50 bucks for Jolla. But afaik, once it's flashed, I cannot easily to back to stock android. So, if people say that SFOS is not usable without android support, and that android 4.4 is not enough, then I'd rather explore other options.11:11
MiikasdFor some people its enough without android, it really depends what kind of apps you want on the phone11:12
elzarI already have a feel for the OS, I used to own the first Jolla and used it as my daily driver. I like the user experience of the OS.11:15
MiikasdOk, lets hope someone with XperiaX can give their opinion11:15
MiikasdBTW did you look at the forums if somebody has posted their experiences?11:23
elzarjust looked, haven't found anything.11:28
attahelzar: This is semi-routinely discussed on the forum. People tend to be ok with it. Their reasons and usage varies a lot though.11:57
attahAnd only you can decide if you need Android support11:57
attahBut i'd argue that what's on the X should not be bothered with anymore11:58
attahSo if you have one, it should be decent - but if you are looking to buy something, get the 10 II at minimum12:00
elzarsounds good enough then, since I'm only planning to use it as a 2nd phone.12:00
elzarI'm not going to buy a new phone to run SFOS on it, I just want to see what options I have. To make this phone more useful than rotting in a drawer.12:01
attahsounds like you have nothing to lose then12:02
attahsome parts of the "modern" web will probably cause a bit of headache though... but more hacker news, and less facebook is good for anyone (:12:07
elzarattah: why, is the browser outdated?12:10
attahSlightly... but the modern web, and a browser that is perhaps not quite as optimized for embedding as others, tends to run out of memory on the older devices sometimes12:12
elzarthat's kind of a pitty, but I can live with it.12:14

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