Tuesday, 2023-07-25

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medgefanI am trying to make the mouse cursor visible in sfos, using this patch https://github.com/elros34/mousetracker-lipstick-patch but it errors when i try to apply it in patch manager. any ideas?18:19
attahDo it manually?18:21
medgefanhow would i do that?18:22
attahas in copy-paste from the diff to the affected file, stone-age style18:22
medgefani guess i could try that if there is no better way18:24
attahthe better way is fixing the errors; which often involves at least some of said manual work18:25
medgefanit's not showing due to an error? i thought it was by choice because it's mainly meant to be used wit the touchscreen?18:26
attahwhat do you mean? i was referring to the errors you were asking about18:28
medgefanoh right18:29
medgefansorry, i thought you said th 0e mouse cursor not showing is in error, like a bug18:30
medgefani see what you're saying now18:30
attahmedgefan: and you know you probably break the whole gui if it goes wrong, right?18:49
medgefani figured as much yeah19:02
medgefanthat's why patchmanager is safer right? since it patches things in ram19:03
medgefancurrently trying to compile that patch as i couldn't find it in patchmanagers web catalog19:05
attahmedgefan: Not sure... never used it19:06
attahBut how would it detect failures anyway?19:06
medgefanno idea19:07
medgefani tried to run qmake because the source includes a .pro-file19:07
attahsurely it's "sfdk build"?19:07
medgefangetting errors for missing modules19:07
medgefanoh ok19:07
attahqmake would run your host qt... unless you are running it inside the sdk i guess19:08
attahit built just fine here19:09
medgefani searhed for sfdk on zypper ut no dice19:09
attahoh come on19:09
medgefani am new to all of this so pardon my ignorance19:10
attahit's not *that* popular heh19:10
attahno worries... but it's still cross-compiling, and that is not usually something you just install from an official package manager19:11
attahor are you on device?19:11
medgefanon device yeah19:11
medgefani.guess i can set it up on my laptop if needed19:12
attahBuilding apps on device isn't exactly common19:13
medgefanoh ok19:13
medgefani can see that from the deelopers perspective19:14
attahi think it is theoretically possible... but there will be headaches with conflicts and storage space19:14
medgefanmakes sense19:14
attahIt is not as much of a generic linux computer as it could be... but more or less enough imo19:15
medgefani like it so far19:15
attahI guess i could say the same - coming up on 10 years continuous usage by the end of the year19:16
medgefani was using the original jolla phone when it came out for about a year, only just got back into it with an xperia 10 ii19:19
attahJust never seen the reason to switch... Android is such a shitshow19:19
medgefani have been using symbian and meego before this19:19
attahThe N9 was my first smartphone19:20
medgefannot really a developer myself but at least i learned quite a bit about linux over the last few years19:20
medgefannice. i got the N8 before that, then N9 and finally 80819:21
medgefanbtw, i plugged in an UVC USB 2.0 capture card into my device today, it's picked up by v4l2 on every PC i used it on, shows up as /dev/videoN but not on sfos? it shows in dmsg though19:26
attahmedgefan: iirc the kernel options for that were not on - but are now, so we just need another major update19:26
attahat least on my III19:26
attahsomething-something usb-video in the kernel19:27
medgefanare you on a development build of sfos?19:28
attahmedgefan: no, just saw it in the repos19:29
medgefanalso wonder what media player i can use to play the device file. i would use mpv, and i can inside a container but they cannot access /dev i guess19:29
medgefanokay cool19:30
attahor was shown it maybe... was fishing for just that anyway19:30
medgefanill keep my eyes open for it19:30
attahMy plan was https://github.com/piggz/harbour-shutter19:31
medgefanwould be neat to have a hdmi screen in my pocket even if the performance sucks19:31
* piggz sees ping19:31
attahwell, sorry (:19:31
attahbut do keep up the amazing work19:31
medgefanwill it play all uvc capable devices or just the onboard cameras?19:32
piggzshutter will do all cameras supported by libcamera, inc uvc19:33
medgefani was testing that with the capture card attached but i guess there was no device file19:33
attahFound the kernel config diff agian: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_kernel_sony_msm/compare/7dbf2a9ca9a512615c53468525cb4070ab0b680b...6f165cbf4d5890c83d940f11362a71eb65b08f8a#diff-2f1454f34d3e4b728770ab655e61991e5ef5e7f06693a4441bf0b7fcaf5aae8bR52619:34
malattah: related to what issue?19:35
attahmal: USB video enablement19:36
malnot sure how well qt handles such cameras19:36
malprobably not really tested on sfos at all19:36
attahthat's why we have piggz ;)19:37
malthat reminds me, maybe I should continue my sdr project some day19:37
attahthat sounds like a cool idea19:37
attahI think i had this running at some point: https://osmocom.org/projects/osmo-fl2k/wiki19:38
malI had some hacky app to scan radio frequencies using a usb sdr dongle, really a dvb receiver but can be abused19:38
attahI think i have one of those laying around too19:38
malI had all kinds of wip builds for sdr https://build.sailfishos.org/project/show/home:mal:sdr I should update those19:39
attahbut never really got around to doing anything... couldn't find a good application to use with it - which is quite surprising given how relatively popular it is19:40
malI have locally newer gnuradio also19:42
attahwhy do i mess with printers when i could be messing with radio? xD19:43
malheh, it's nice that we have good printing app19:44
medgefanattah: you said you managed to build that package. i installed sfdk now, but i get errors i cannot find anything about online...22:36
medgefanThe required configuration option 'target' is not set22:36
medgefanthat's what i get when running `sfdk build`22:38
medgefanlooks like i figured it out22:55
medgefan`sfdk -c target=SailfishOS- build` did the trick22:55
medgefanyup, that broke the UI hard lol23:04
medgefan"No apps running" was flashing23:04
medgefanand couldn't get anywhere23:04
medgefanhad to do a hard reset it seemed23:05
medgefanbooted up fine after, good thing patchmanager doesn't apply patches automatically on boot23:07

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