Thursday, 2023-07-27

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Solrac[m]hello. is there a way to spoof the gps?04:48
attahmal: Did i read you right that Bluetooth TX power adjust wasn't ringing any bells?07:47
attahContext: my "true" wireless headphones suffer from dropouts when the phone is on my person, or obscured by a hand etc - but they work across the room or through a wall07:48
attahSo i was hoping there was a way to up the lower power limit, or power in general to see if that helps07:49
Miikasdmal: Really late message, but please continue sdr project :D I have the hacked usb receiver too08:06
MiikasdIts really nice to play with08:06
MiikasdI would need better antenna with it, but you can catch surprisingly good with just small one08:07
MiikasdFor example airplane signals very far away and you can listen airport control too :D08:08
Miikasdattah: I did try to look for bt TxPower too, but atleast bluez didnt seem to allow modify it08:17
MiikasdThe peripheral could allow it though, and it could be done via bluez08:17
attahHmm, but TX power of the peripheral presumably then?08:18
attahI'd say my need is "the other way"08:18
attahMiikasd: thanks for reminding... now i finally had some luck selecting an sdr application that works08:42
attah...and i have a use for my impulse-buy Surface dial08:42
malattah: need to read a bit about bluetooth specs related to that and also checking bluez sources11:00
attahI did some little bit of perusing of the Bluez code, but found nothing interesting yet11:01

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