Friday, 2023-07-28

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nephroshi, can anyone explain this? On OBS, I have built a newer cmake because an app needs that. I Require that version in the app, and it's installed. however, `cmake --version* shows the old version is being run, and the app build process also complains.06:35
nephrosnow strangely, this only happens on arm, it does NOT happen on x86.06:36
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malin case nephros needs information about that cmake issue, it's because cmake in cross compiled archs is used from sb2-tools package so building just cmake package is not enough, probably easier is to check which part of the cmake files requires newer cmake and patch it to work with our version16:12
malmost of the time the changes needed in cmake files are not very big16:13
nephros_mal: thanks for the explanation.17:57
nephros_still weird that x86 seems to use the newer version. cmake --version gives different results depending on (target) arch.17:58
malnephros_: because x86 doesn't use cross compiling18:02
malnephros_: have you tried to build the package locally after patching the cmake version check?18:03
malto see how it fails with old cmake18:03
nephros_I will try that, thx!23:04

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