Friday, 2023-08-11

direc85[m]I'm poking around sailfish-openssl and I noticed that there are a lot of patch chunks that don't apply.06:24
direc85[m]They all seem quite trivial to apply manually and hence fix the patches (they really should have applied imo) except some s390 patch which blatantly overwrites something another patch already had changed.06:25
direc85[m]Do you think it's worth fixing the patches the best I can and make a PR?06:26
direc85[m]The build still succeeds, after manually applying them, at least...06:26
direc85[m]Ah, no it doesn't, I think...06:28
direc85[m]Also, OpenSSL 1.1.1v seems to be out. I'll test that...06:33
direc85[m]I started doing it, but I've ran out of time today.08:08
direc85[m]There's at least one I don't have the insight to fix: openssl-1.1.1-fips-curves.patch08:09
direc85[m]It has a few thousand lines of seeds, p's and q's before it now, and a way more curves that would not be updated to have the int fips_allowed struct field.08:12
direc85[m]And since I don't know what curves are allowed (and don't have time to dig it up), I'm stuck there. So I'm currently skipping it.08:12
direc85[m]I'll finish the rest of the patches later, though. This seems push-worthy already.08:13
direc85[m]Also, openssl-1_1-Optimize-AES-GCM-uarchs.patch doesn't apply fully, it leaves ARMV8_SHA3 and ARMV8_UNROLL8_EOR3 capabilities unutilized, but that's also something that goes a bit over my head.08:38
direc85[m]Nevermind, openssl-1_1-Optimize-RSA-armv8.patch just had to be applied first.08:42
direc85[m]So, that leaves only openssl-1.1.1-fips-curves.patch which feels quite important for FIPS compliance, I think.08:42
maldirec85[m]: the patches apply in certain order, you can see 1.1.1v PR already there11:05
malalso the prepare does more than just aplly patches11:07
maldirec85[m]: use mb2 ... build -p11:44
malthat -p will run the prepare section of spec11:44
direc85[m]Does sfdk support running prepare?12:11
maldirec85[m]: did you try using sfdk build -p?12:17
malor maybe sfdk prepare?12:18
direc85[m]I won't tell you if that was news to me, or not, but it was :')13:40
direc85[m]I'm away until Sunday, will try that then. Thanks for help!13:40
attahflypig: can i help in any way?15:10

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