Sunday, 2023-08-13

poetasterpiggz, you about?18:02
piggzgo on18:02
poetasteryou got it :)18:05
piggz[m]try now18:09
poetasterquestion, besides watches, how can I test bluetooth low enenergy?18:11
poetasterzypper dup looks right now! thanks!18:11
malpoetaster: what part of bt le do you want to test?18:12
poetastermal, it seems borked on the volla 22 / gigaset GS5 / Rephone phones. I thought I could poke at it with a suitable ble device.18:13
poetastermal, I'm just not a watch person, but thinking there must be other interesting devices to test.18:16
attahpoetaster: xD18:18
poetasterattah, I think you may be evil! But that is neat!18:18
malpoetaster: how do those phone do bluetooth in sfos, using binder plugin or natively?18:18
poetasterpiggz[m], ble binder plugin on volla22/23?18:19
attahpoetaster: I'm starting to think so too18:19
attahNote the low reviews... they have stopped being able to discover it, and aren't fixing it - works fine in SeaPrint though18:19
poetasterattah, via bluetooth?18:20
attahno, wifi18:20
poetasterattah, ah, ok.18:20
attahsetup is BLE and i have yet to reverse-engineer it18:20
piggzmal: binder iirc, let me check...18:20
attahI was going to suggest the RuuviTag... but no mention of BLE on the officail page18:21
piggzyeah, bluebinder....18:21
malpiggz: poetaster: so how does bt le behave in those phones?18:22
maldoes it find bt le devices?18:22
piggzmal: on the v22, it doesnt, on the x23, it works fine18:22
malanything in logs?18:22
piggzvolla, volla-a, and volla22 all fail to find ble devices18:23
piggznotkit has also been unable to get them to find ble devices in UT18:23
malcan you check in binder-list if those have any custom vendor be interface in use or something like that18:23
mal*bt interface18:24
poetasterpiggz, update smooth. thanks!18:27
piggzmal: only seems to be android.hardware.bluetooth@1.0::IBluetoothHci/default18:28
malok, so that part is fine18:28
poetasterpiggz, something weird with wifi. check on your x23. Both the GS5 and Rephone show unexplained amounts of data transfered (ie. 8GB when only 10s of MB requested). Not so on the original volla.18:30
poetasterpiggz[m], otherwise looking great (quick tests, gps, bluetooth, wifi, mtp all go).18:31
poetasteralright. back to mom :) I have an important guest !18:32

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