Wednesday, 2023-08-16

dcalisteHello mal, since you worked already on the Camera2 API, I would like to get your advice when you have the time to. I'm playing with the Android API, see I can list cameras on device and get their characteristics. But I cannot shot a picture.13:37
dcalisteThe CaptureRequest is submitted, but nothing happen and there is no reported error.13:37
dcalisteSee droidcamera2.cpp, line 553 and before for instance.13:38
dcalisteI'm a bit stuck, should I initialise something in the minimediaservice ? Since the cameras are listed and the ACameraDevice properly created, maybe not…13:39
malhmm, I need to have a look at your code and compare it to my code to see if I find something13:40
dcalisteSure, thanks, as I said, when you have time ;)13:40
maldcaliste: looks like you did some things differently, I just made things so that only one api can be used at the same time so camera2 for all above some version, that way no need to change anything in hybris.c, not sure which is better13:46
dcalisteIt's just testing, not something for a true PR yet.13:47
malI'll make a test build later today or later this week to see how that behaves13:47
dcalisteGreat, thanks.13:48
direc85[m]dcaliste: I have a spare X10II free for testing, so feel free to ping me if that helps :)14:03
direc85[m](My X10III is the daily driver and I'd rather not break it at this point.)14:03
dcalisteI'm also testing on a X10ii at the moment. But since I got no picture, there is nothing to try yet :/14:13
dcalistemal, the test case is simple, it is calling droid_media_camera2_connect(), then droid_media_camera2_take_picture() and then entering a Qt event loop.14:31
szopinhmmm weird the first one went through before password...15:37
szopinguys is it safe to run 'mount -o remount,size=8G /tmp' on xperias? this used to work nicely on n900/maemo but not sure about sfos15:38
malwhy do you want to do that?15:40
szopinplaying with rust on device and even with 5gb extra swap it's crashing after 15min of 100% 8core usage (every time)15:41
szopinI think it's tmp issue15:41
szopin(5gb swap is overkill as it once went through to complaining about missing -lsqlite3 using 'only 1.03gb' swap,so now with sqlite-devel it might need more, I think)15:42
szopinand no it's not a joke project
szopin(I think it's tmp issue as if I don't clean it between caego install attempts it crashes even faster, but every attempt is like 5% battery life)15:45
szopin(on the plus side it installs nicely in /home... through curl so doesn't kill rootfs, kinda amazing)15:46
szopin999lol great, oftc or communi is freaking out on a reconnect :/16:02
szopin999 so yeah you can run your own pgp keyserver on device16:04
szopin999should work as a replacement for sks and with rust support maybe the cli version could be used to bake in pgp support for email app16:04

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