Thursday, 2023-08-17

direc85[m]mal: I tried `sfdk build -p` only now, and the prepare script fails quite early:... (full message at <>)07:58
direc85[m]Any advice?07:58
dcalistedirec85[m], from the error message, it seems you have some changes already applied to the directory. Iguess you noticed. So you try to apply patches from the packages over some of your own changes ?08:49
direc85[m]Only the spec macro expansion and date fixes, and they were committed.09:22
direc85[m]Hmm, my repo may be behind, have to check later.09:23
direc85[m]I was behind (the new OpenSSL PR was merged three days ago) but it's still the same: the first patch applies and leaves the OpenSSL git repo dirty, the next patch doesn't apply.15:16
direc85[m]That seems contradictory, or it just doesn't work with sfdk.15:17
maldirec85[m]: works fine with mb2 --no-snapshot -t SailfishOS-latest-i486 build -p15:30
malmaybe sfdk does some magic15:30
direc85[m]Clean openssl and openssl/openssl repos, sfdk build -p (with target in config) doesn't work.15:31
malwhat does git status say in the submodule folder?15:32
* direc85[m] sent a code block:
direc85[m]This is after getting the log as above16:24
direc85[m]Okay, I committed the submodule files there, and then I had to commit the changed commit to the main repo, but now it's building16:27
direc85[m]*locally of course16:57

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