Friday, 2023-09-08

attahpiggz: So, now, what do i do?16:08
piggz[m]What stage are you?16:09
attahunboxed xD16:10
piggz[m]well, you start at
piggz[m]and validate my documentation :)16:12
piggz[m]one thing to note .. first step is to install tow-boot to the spi flash...which is what i have, though, i heard recently about a better bootloader that may be worth trying16:13
attahAh, i was staring at a two-line readme (:16:13
piggz[m]there is this u-boot based bootlaoder to try
attahi'll try the basic way first16:14
attahoh ffs, tow-boot doesn't give where to run the commands, and don't give paths.... oh, joy16:15
attahit looks like on device... buy why specify ^^16:16
piggz[m]you write the spi-flash installer to an sd card, then install the sdcard in the ppp and boot from it to install16:22
attahokay, it was pebkac16:23
attahthey just put it in backwards importance16:23
attahnote to self: eat first16:24
attahNot following my own advice is a bad idea16:40
attahpiggz[m]: so jumpdrive isn't a thing, and therefore emmc isn't a thing?16:42
piggzattah: i dont think jumpdrive is needed on ppp with towboot .. im sure towboot enabled emmc to be exported16:43
attahso... how do i get the image onto emmc then?16:43
attah(because flash-it seems to wand an sd card)16:45
piggz[m]use towboot to export emmc as usb-storage, then use flash-it to install to that16:46
attahSo i guess my first suggestion is to remove jumprive from the guide, and mention that vol-up puts tow-boot in emmc mass storage mode16:53
attahThe script did go through, with some stuff that looked bad, though it claimed success16:53
attahNow food, and then i'll try again16:54
piggz[m]i can invite you to the project and you can update the wiki ;)16:58
attahi'll PR something when done17:07
attahpiggz[m]: wohoo! Second flash lucky17:29
piggz[m]cool ... you will want to get through the setup, ssh in over wlan, and zypper ref/dup to get todays kernel with usb crash fix17:30
attahGuess i need to let it charge some more... it is *really* upset despite a cable17:39
attahAnd bootloops... so i guess it will never actually get any charge in17:39
attahinto the mass storage mode it goes, and hope for the best17:40
attahpiggz[m]: I'm getting 400mA current draw while booted, and almost another amp while charging when it finally decided to stop looping18:31
attahAnd wifi is failing as if wrong password, though it is both pretty trivial and triple-checked18:38
attahTrying to change my router settings out of WPA2/3 mixed - and it just dies for 90 seconds and reverts18:46
attahOh joy18:46
attahpiggz: any ideas why the wifi config might not like my router? or better yet, workarounds?19:11
piggz[m]not sure .. it connects to mine!19:11
attahMy 2.4GHz had pure WPA2 configured, and it still doesn't like it19:11
attahpiggz[m]: connected fine to my 10 III hotspot... ref'd and dup'd19:37
attahaaand it's dead19:37
attahIt is just not my day today19:38
attahpiggz[m]: Re-flashed, re-updated, reproduced :(19:58
enderWPA2/3 mixed works for me, but pure WPA3 doesn't21:56

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