Saturday, 2023-09-09

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attahender: Okay... sort of expected. Never had any such issues before either (well, barring one known bad IoT thingy)07:53
attahThough i seem to recall someone having issues where a password "fits" both in hex and regular string form07:58
attahpiggz[m]: journal is complaining about brcmf_set_channel set chanspec fail... seems like it could be related08:26
attahFinally managed to force my router into WPA2 only. That didn't help, but my wireless bridge to my desktop then decided the network had changed too much to connect to it09:20
attahpiggz[m]: Finally sorted the wifi problem10:21
attahIt needed this treatment
attah....and then it fell off wifi10:24
x2sah, the joy of closed source drivers...10:26
attahCould it have autodetected regdom somehow and decided not to like my 5GHz maybe?10:26
attah(Which is very much fine here, but not necessarily worldwide)10:27
attahAt least 2.4GHz worked first try now too, so the module config at least did something10:28
attah"communication problem with store" :( And a really weird subset of apps10:32
attahpiggz[m]: does a fully updated ppp boot for you?14:02
piggz[m]Yes i think so14:08
attahi'm 3 for 3 at ref+dup makes it not boot any more14:09
piggz[m]Paste the package list14:14
piggz[m]attah: i wonder if you should also... (full message at <>)14:23
attahsounds reasonable14:24
attahnow to see if my crude disk image backup worked14:25
attahWould be cool if flash-it could cache downloads to not risk costing you extra14:27
attahpiggz: jaay!15:10
piggz[m]required version update?15:18
attahsupposedly not: "Changing release from to"15:23
piggz[m]oh, weird how it worked15:23
piggz[m]or, weird why it didnt work before15:23
attahlet me diff package lists... though they looks very samey15:23
attahHmmmm. Only diffs stemming from different terminal size and network speed15:25
attahWiFi is also no better than before. though the journal spam is gone15:26
attahIs it Keto we should pester about store being weird?15:31
attahKeto: On Pinephone Pro i see like 30 apps16:08
attahand no obvious pattern at all16:08
attahSome noarch, but some definitely not - some new, some quite old16:10
Ketook, I can take a look tomorrow16:11
attahNice, thanks!16:11
attahpoke me if you need the readout of something or someone to test16:11

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