Sunday, 2023-09-10

Ketoattah: piggz[m]: pinephone pro is not configured in the store backend, what's the ssu device model string?07:32
attahbooting, sec07:35
attahKeto: stupid question, where do i see that?07:38
attahnothing obvious in ssu.ini07:38
Ketossu s output07:38
attahDevice model: PinePhone Pro (pinephonepro / pinephonepro)07:38
attahthank you!07:39
Ketook, now it should see more apps07:40
attahindeed it does!07:40
attahpiggz[m]: Let's say i'd want to propose the brcmfmac module parameters i found, where would i PR that?12:03
attahIt also looks like the wiki isn't git-backed, so i guess i do want access12:04
attah(though i wish there was still a way to propose things and not just overwrite right away)12:05
piggz[m]attah: somewhere like
attahOkay, so they are shared12:28
attahStrange... now it stopped liking my 2.4GHz, and my 5GHz started showing up again (though connecting to it crashes the phone)12:48
attahWow, this driver is rough12:48
attahpiggz: Hmmm... so wifi is fine under Mobian. Though they are on 6.1-rockchip somethingrather14:30
attahOoof, my Jolla c battery is bulging quite a bit... check your batteries people!16:59
piggz[m]attah: need to read up on this
piggz[m]on the PPP with towboot, you cant enable full system suspend, because sometimes it just doest wake up!  megi suggested his bootloader has improved trusted-firmware, but it doesnt seem wuite as easy to install as towboot!19:42
attahHmmm... does that too have the nifty mass storage mode?19:47
piggz[m]not sure19:50
piggz[m]attah: megi says yes it does20:06
attahSo flashing SPI should be fine since you can recover from SD right?20:13
attahGetting rid of the charger boot loop will be nice20:13
piggz[m]attah: well, its installed now!
piggz[m]first power on, i have a gui menu, with a usb-access to  emmc option20:14
piggz[m]and if i hit the first option, it looks to be booting sfos off the emmc20:15
attahI have a bit much the next few days... but surely i can sneak that in20:15
piggz[m]lets see how it handles mcetool -senabled20:15
piggz[m]well, im ssh'd in over wlan ... screen is off, and normally it would go to sleep/suspend .. except it isnt20:18
piggz[m]now it has i think20:19
piggz[m]first test, it woke up ok20:19
piggz[m]and it did suspend20:19
piggz[m][defaultuser@PinePhonePro ~]$ mcetool --get-suspend-stat20:19
piggz[m]uptime:       291.46220:19
piggz[m]suspend_time: 20.04020:19
attahBack when i still had WiFi working, that wouldn't survive20:20
attahBut for you it did, and still does?20:21
piggz[m]this could be revolutionary for batteyr life20:21
piggz[m]suspend_time: 95.25020:21
piggz[m]attah: i think that 5 for 5 resumes ok20:27
attahIf i just had  wifi, i'd do it right away :P20:28
attahTurned on debug in kernel module parameters... but can't see any significant new output20:31
piggz[m]weird, mine works fine ... reconnects on wakeup and im back in my ssh session20:31
attahHoping something pops up upstream for this module20:31
piggz[m]i imagine if i leave this phone over night, it should still be alive in the morning20:32
attahWas fine in Mobian, so at least hardware is not borked20:32

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