Monday, 2023-09-11

attahpiggz: what's the upstream of ?19:50
piggz[m]attah: i dont think there is one .. i think thats just a random seleciton of fw ive gathered19:51
attaha phone without wifi is really kneecapped19:53
piggz[m]attah: do you think some of the fw files need updated?19:53
attahI don't know... i did the unscientific test with taking mobian's bin files... and it did nothing19:54
attahthough i should have tried with all of the files19:54
attah(all the 43455 files anyway)19:55
attahMy thoughts are FW, kernel, usage - in that order for why mobian works for be but SFOS doesn't19:55
attahThere is quite the diff in the txt anyway19:57
attah...or perhaps linux-firmware is a better source20:00
attahLooks like they are up to date with linux-firmware in general20:13
piggz[m]my uptime is 81000 seconds, with 80000 seconds of suspend20:14
piggz[m]battery at 55%20:15
attahalmost good even20:15
attahDid a full transplant of firmware... changed nothing unfortunately20:22
attahSo i can't help but wonder if i'm doing it wrong (/lib/firmware/brcm)... and dmesg says the loaded one is from 202120:24
attahpiggz[m]: So this is probably just a fluke... but i moved over the *entire* brcm and cypress folders to the ppp20:31
attahand now i have 5GHz20:31
piggz[m]which folders?20:31
piggz[m]attah: a user on the floss-modem channel is trying sailfish ... likes it on the PPP and is sending a PR for the modem udev rules :)20:32
attahokay neato20:33
attahi thought i moved the linux-firmware folders by said names20:33
attahthough turns out i took mobian's by mistake20:33
attahI'll diff those at some point, and/or try what i meant to20:33
piggz[m]attah: ive def spent more time on the PP than on the PPP, so quite possible things ive missed, or been moved on .. the more people that can check the better :)20:35
attahthey were very likely par for the course 2 years ago or whatever the date said20:35
attahI wonder how we are supposed to understand what to symlink over from brcm to cypress20:37
piggz[m]attah: my typical method is to scour the repos of other projects20:52
attahSounds pragmatic and effective20:52
attahI'll attempt hand-picking from linux-firmware, and then fall back to mobian if that fails20:53
attahTomorrow is a mess for me, but hopefully some time this week i can PR that20:53
attahtime to sleep. ttyl, g'night20:57
piggz[m]cya, thx21:00

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