Tuesday, 2023-09-12

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malpiggz[m]: hi, is it intentional on chum that some packages need to be enabled manually for new targets instead those having the unwanted targets disabled and automatically building by default?13:45
piggz[m]Mal: sort of, but i see your point... It just seemed easier to disable for all, then enable the newer releases, than to manually click through all the old to disable... Just that is now coming back to bite13:52
malpiggz[m]: but enabling all qt packages for new release will be a lot of clicking14:02
piggz[m]Yup, i know :(14:02
malpiggz[m]: to disable all is quite easy really, you could in text editor make a list of all disable commands then copy paste that to Meta14:03
malthat way it would be one copy paste per package14:04
malmanually clicking those in Repositories page would be studid :)14:04
piggz[m]Mal feel free to fix :)14:22
malpiggz[m]: done for testing14:46
malstill needs to be done the other chum14:46
useretail_it's not possible to record a video with  default app if app is not in focus16:43
useretail_and there is no option to disable such behavior16:43
useretail_what a retarded idea16:44
useretail_too bad that quality control allowed that to happen16:45
malhmm, never noticed that myself, which device btw?16:46
useretail_xperia 10 ii16:48
useretail_video just stops recording if you switch to desktop16:49
useretail_* or turn off the screen16:51
useretail_the person who did that probably never heard about multitasking16:52
useretail_so disappointing16:52
useretail_to be honest, i never used the camera much, just for few photos, but when i needed to record a video shit happened16:53
useretail_imagine a frustration when you try record a video for 10 minutes, just to realize that the video stopped recording when you turned off the screen16:55
useretail_and the worst thing there is no setting to disable it16:57
useretail_dev will probably burn in hell for that16:58
piggzattah: much ppp progress?20:44
attahpiggz: Not today... has been fully booked20:45
attahBut uplifting the FW package looks easy... just need to make up my mind how close to upstream symlinkage i care to go20:46
attahBetween that and the new bootloader it feels like it will start being usable20:47
attah(...around the house anyway)20:47

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