Wednesday, 2023-09-13

poetasterpiggz[m], did you ever test NFC on the volla22? or any one of 'em?06:51
poetastermal, finally noticed openlara! man, am I slow07:02
poetasterpiggz[m], slava's nfc logger says no-connect07:04
malpoetaster: :)09:46
poetastermal, that texture map downsampling godot issue on the 10ii/10iii seems to have disappeared with, too. Still laggy, but at least not distorted!10:20
malpoetaster: strange10:32
poetastermal, yeah, I didn't see any reason for it. It may be that I missed testing iwth the .21 update. Too many phones.10:36
poetastermal, in any case, looks better now :)10:36
malpoetaster: .21 included some kernel patch to fix some memory leak, not sure if that could be in any way related10:44
malthat was for both 10ii and 10iii10:45
poetastermal, that could very well have been the issue. Dropping the resolution of a texture is a common technique to deal with ram pressure.10:46
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malpiggz[m]: should sd-card installation still work in pinephone?14:10
piggz[m]Yes i think so14:14
malpiggz[m]: how did the emmc installation work?14:15
piggz[m]Mal: use jumpdrive sd to expose emmc over usb14:15
malpiggz[m]: some issues booting one pinephone14:53
KetoPSA: The community OBS source server disk is almost full. I'm doing cleanup there, removing obsolete source revisions of deleted projects. Hopefully it does not break anything, even though the bs_cleanup tool had a big [experimental] sticker on it :P15:01
direc85[m]Good luck :)15:32
KetoI guess those sailfishos:chum:<version> projects are not used? they seem to be empty17:31
attahpiggz[m]: Boom!
malKeto: seem to be not used, we use just and
piggz[m]Keto: is chum stretching the limits of c-obs? :)17:57
Ketopiggz[m]: well, it's a big chunk, but mainly there is all kinds of other old stuff that has never been cleaned up18:03
attahpiggz[m]: No way! (And how did i not notice earlier?) The ppp has double-tap-to-wake!19:24
b100dian[m]@attah no way!20:33
attahTurns out i have really missed it20:34
b100dian[m]Does it work after 3 minutes? Found some reference online20:35
b100dian[m]I pick my hardware on this criteria so I'm surprised I didnt kniw about pinephone20:36
attahI'll have to check some other day. Though the Pro is not quite ready for primetime just yet20:37
attahLike sometimes it just is not alive anymore at all20:38
b100dian[m]Actually I DID know
attahand seems i could not keep from checking20:40
attahjust need to let soem more time pass20:40
attahEven button doesn't work now after 4+ minutes20:44
b100dian[m]Well, double-tap would probably send that power button keycode so..20:54
piggzKeto: mal: 500 error
Ketoyeah, lets see if I can fix that21:19
henkpiggz: looks like there is 4.5 for the volla/gs290, is that correct?21:22
henkpiggz: I seem to be running 4.4. is the upgrade path documented anywhere?21:23
piggzhenk: devel-su, ssu re, ssu ur, zypper ref, zypper dup21:24
henkpiggz: thanks (:21:26
Ketopiggz: should be now ok21:57
KetoPSA: The cleanup in OBS did indeed fuck things up. Some source files are currently in inconsistent state. But nothing should be lost, and I'll work tomorrow to restore the sources in good state22:06
Ketothe latest source revisions in chum and chum:testing should be now in working order22:48
Ketopiggz[m]: btw, did you try to do something to nemo:devel:hw:pine:dontbeevil when it was giving 500? as it seemed to be different kind of broken, compared to the others that I restored so far22:54
malKeto: one odd issue in build is that just remains scheduled forever eventhough plenty of workers are free23:04
Ketomal: it had been marked bad for all workers due to failures, cleared those markers23:27

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