Thursday, 2023-09-14

x2swarning day in Germany and I didn't get an SMS :(09:04
x2sNo cell broadcast for me then09:05
*** rainemak_ is now known as rainemak12:55
attahpiggz: Can't build this with sfdk, so no idea if that's all i needed to do:
piggz[m]attah: are there any downsides to that? is it something to do with dual mode wpa2/3 ?15:43
attahpiggz[m]: My understanding is that it disables offloading of WPA3, but that it could somehow still be used. (But does SFOS even support it?)15:44
attahI have only myself to compare with; where it is completely useless without15:46
piggz[m]ill try it shortly15:47
piggzok, i still conect with those settings15:53
piggzyou can unmark it as fraft15:53
piggz[m]attah: everything is built17:39
attahAs in a new image, or just packages?17:40
piggz[m]just packages ... i dont often rebuild images, because of the limitations on gitlab ci time :(17:42
attahpiggz[m]: How different from is making an image anyway?17:44
piggznot sure ... but im sure we could do something on github, uts just finding the time17:46
piggzoh cool will take a look19:04
b100dian[m]And the build.yml19:04
piggz[m]attah: can you do some testing on your phone with your changes ... seems to be a bit funky going to sleep ... seems like if with wlan is connected, it prevent sleep20:11
piggz[m]hmmm, seems to be behaving now20:14

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