Friday, 2023-09-15

dcalisteHello pvuorela, I hope you're fine. Do you think we can discuss pending PRs next Tuesday at the usual time ? Maybe you won't have time, or don't have the possibility to. Don't stress yourself for it, just asking.08:28
miikaShould the serial connection over usb work in sailfish?09:14
miikaI mean when I plug in the device to laptop it can be seen in /dev/ttyACM0 but in phone it doesnt show up with usb otg adapter09:15
miikaIt appears on lsusb tho09:23
malnot sure what kind of things that needs from the device09:32
MiikasdSorry had some connection issues with the bouncer, Im here back incase someone knowns something about the USB serial connection10:19
*** Jake is now known as Guest22913:36
Guest229Is there any update or progress availability of Sailfish in Xperia Pro-I13:37
pherjung[m]Thank you attah for your reactivity <3 (regarding libwebp)14:01
b100dian[m]Guest229 (IRC): is that techically the same device as Xperia 1 III ? I mean, does it have the same device code? In all case, there is no Xperia 1 iii port yet.14:33
thilo[m]Anyone got an idea how i could suppress notification popups for some time? Or has an idea where they are triggered in lipstick? I could just make the popup invisible but i hope there is a way that is better...15:28
thilo[m]Regarding my post here:
thilo[m]Best would be if the notifocation handling system could be muted15:35
attahpiggz[m]: can you please expand on how to observe that... i find it not even guaranteed that the phone comes back form screen off15:52
attahpherjung[m]: no worries... it was just a a fluke15:53
piggz[m]attah: you have megi's uboot and latest kernel?17:05
attahpiggz[m]: yes, and if that's what was available a week ago17:06
piggz[m]i would hope you have no isses resuming, mine works great17:06
attahpiggz[m]: nevermind! i must have reflashed and forgotten to update17:10
attah....and it's gone17:16
attahpiggz: Sigh... persistent journal, here i come17:42
piggz[m]attah: i just wrote a wiki page for flashing the modem
attahcould installing sudo be easier? (:17:44
piggz[m]attah: what versions of... (full message at <>)17:57
piggz[m]you dont have a sleep issue ... more like a "display wont turn on, wtf do we do, lets reboot" issue17:57
attahmce-1.114.1+pp1-1.6.2  dsme-0.84.0-1.7.1 kernel-adaptation-pinephonepro-6.5.2+git3-1.74.117:58
attahReboot may be me holding the button17:58
piggzi guess youre debuggin over wlan :)18:01
attahIt wasn't responding there either18:03
piggz[m]just screen or whole syste,?18:04
attahwhole system... gonesky18:04
piggz[m]usb net the same?18:05
attahgood question18:05
attahI have lots of serial adapters, should be able to build something equivalent if it comes to that18:06
attahMy desktop isn't seeing a new network interface when i put it in developer mode18:11
piggz[m]i wonder if i should clean flash to see if i have such issues!18:12
piggz[m]though, i did install the config package, which contains all this stuff18:13
attahI seem to recall rndis being evicted from the linux kernel18:13
piggz[m]so it should match18:13
attahis that what i would be using?18:13
piggz[m]yes ... i set us as ecm though18:13
piggz[m]on the phone, whats in /sys/class/net/ ?18:14
attahlo     usb0   wlan0  wwan018:14
piggz[m]and usb0 is a valid symlink?18:15
attahseems to be an actual directory18:15
piggz[m]issue on yout host?18:16
attahPossibly... never used USB networking before18:16
piggz[m]first thing is check dmesg18:16
piggz[m]or, "ip a" to show any interfaces18:17
attahapart from connection issues with one of the cables, dmesg is empty18:17
attahip a and ifconfig shows nothing matching18:18
attah(and no diff from disconnected)18:18
piggz[m]and dmesg -w shows nothing when you plugin?18:18
piggz[m]bad cable?18:18
attahOne cable is excellent, but fits poorly - two other ones gives nothing18:19
attahi.e. the ppp has a slightly too recessed USB-C connector18:20
piggz[m]ah, i never notice .. i never have the case on!18:22
attahAfter a reboot i now get something18:23
attahLol, it's called Google Nexus 418:24
piggz[m]in kde mine shows Pinphone Pro as device name18:25
attahin whatever notification i got about the connection showing up18:25
attahLinux Mint18:25
attahw/ Cinnamon18:25
attahafter a manually added ip i'm connected18:25
piggz[m]well, now you can ssh over usb, and see if that helps debug issues18:26
attahwell, what you saw before was from persistent journal18:26
attahhow would i see more now?18:26
piggz[m]ah, maybe not ... for best kernel messages you need the uart18:28
piggz[m]you can maybe keep connected over usb, and see if its locked up completely18:28
piggz[m]rerstart lipstick etc18:29
attahseems the network connection goes down with it18:31
attahor no... separately from it. Still wakes up18:32
attahbrb, popcorn18:32
piggz[m]poetaster: what device are you using nfc with?18:39
attahHmm, now it wakes nicely18:43
attahguess i'll keep tailing and poke it every now and then18:44
attahoh, but the connection was dead18:44
attahshitty network manager keeps disabling the interface18:49
enderI've got a very weird problem: certain notifications seem to trigger the (clock) alarm sound19:23
enderseems to be easiest to trigger by installing NetMonster android app and just letting it run for a while19:25
poetasterpiggz[m], I was testing on the GS5 and the Xperia 10III ... no connect on the GS5 (haven't tried the volla or rephone yet).19:41
piggz[m]im aware of nfc not working19:42
poetasterpiggz[m], now, me too :)19:42
poetasterpiggz[m], was never a priority, but slava wrote a nice libary and I now have some reason to be interested (aka, the gov't).19:43
poetasterI aslo didn't have a reason to run torch or transformers on my hardware till very recently (ISO 26262 will do that to ya).19:44
poetasterpiggz[m], attah you guys working on the pinephone? does nfc work ? :)19:46
piggz[m]i think nfc is an addon!19:47
poetasterheh :)19:47
attahmore like "poking at" in my case19:47
poetasterpoke on!19:47
poetasterI wouldn't mind add-ons like the FP ones.19:54
poetasterpiggz[m], you still daily driving the x23?19:55
piggz[m]i am19:55
attahSeems more like the other-half concept19:55
piggz[m]except today sim was in the PPP19:55
piggz[m]attah: i have the keyboard case19:55
poetasterAh, didn't like the other half idea that much.19:56
attahDidn't get to shine as much as it could---19:56
attahI have the second TOH IR camera in existence, by the one and only kimmoli19:57
poetasterah, probably. DOA, sort of. But I only had a FP2 and there the parts were great, but the case and button layouts sucked. Still,19:57
attahIf that isn't cool, then what is?19:57
poetasterNo, that really is cool.19:57
poetasterI wonder what kimmoli is up to?19:58
attahindeed... miss that guy as a regular in the community19:59
poetasterI know his code, primarily, from harbour paint and a few discussions.20:00
poetasterheh, latest github activity:
attaholdschool cool20:02
poetasteryou showing how young you are :)20:03
poetasteroldschool would bit pic programming with toothpics and aluminum foil.20:03
poetasterthis is my current hardware side project  (sebastians designs, but I'm building the point-to-point prototypes and he's going straight to jlpc)20:06
poetasterso, his look cool, and mine have a lot of colorful through-hole wires.20:07
attahVery knobby!20:10
attahI actually did wire-wrap point-to-point at uni :)20:11
poetasterah, did you do electrical engineering? I know that was intro in our school (I didn't do that at uni but at the ole isp)20:11
attahNo... the embedded track of computer engineering20:12
attahSo some courses was with the ee guys that did the data version of their program20:13
poetasterah, ok. neat. My friend Jonathan was the electrical engineer and had to do a bunch of wire wound. He tortured me till I did some chore. I prefer lead solder :)20:13
attahMe too... but it worked well in those courses20:14
poetasterWhat did you build? Jonathan also talked me into coming up on the roof and throwing our 500KG teletype machine of the very roof to see how far the keys would spread..20:14
attahOne was a pen plotter controller... where i went a bit nuts and brought my own PS/2 touchpad as input device20:15
attahthe other was a "battle robot", which needed to sty inside some line, detect the opponent and fire a laser at it20:16
poetasterah, fun. I want a pen plotter. Or I'll take my cnc machine and just attach pens. but an A3 plotter would be nice. sheesh. you probably have one?!20:16
attahNo.. just two laser cutters20:17
attahand 7(?) printers20:17
poetasterMy cnc has a 15 watt laser attachment that I use for cutting cases (well the covers). It's ok. I only have 2 printers! And one I bought just because of the bloody forum.20:18
attahI realized i'll probably never get back to using my DIY one, so i bought a commercial 10W one... and proceeded to not use it either20:20
piggz[m]poetaster: you could laser a sailfish logo into pinephone cases ;)20:20
poetasterpiggz[m], shure, if you like :)20:20
attahor a sailfish-shaped hole20:20
poetasterattah, well, I have about 50 cases I need to make (wood, 3mm) so I could probably keep you busy. I use bCNC which is archaic, but ....20:21
poetasterah, scratch that, 60 cases :)20:21
poetasterMy bench overfloweth.20:22
attahand you made fun of my 75 thermometers?20:22
poetasterI have more than a 100 empty boxes in the basement. But a thermometer has, function. A higher purpose!20:22
poetasterattah, empty boxes like don't have the divine purpose of the thermometer. Though they can be handy.20:24
poetasterI've your bored and want to build a weird modular analog synth, I have the parts :)20:25
attahAnything more complicated than drums is out of my league20:28
poetasterOk. If you're in the hood, I have drum kits :) Well, I have one and my GF has one.20:29
poetasterHmm. Sailfish bandnight.20:29
poetasterok. I still haven't got beyond first sketch with my SDL based programmable audio synth for sfos. sigh. now I have to make it networkable for sailfish bandnight.20:30
attahInteresting idea actually (not that i'll be of much use)20:31
poetasterI've done a bunch of network audio stuff, down to the raspi level (supercollider with websocket control of the interpreter) but for the phone, it's gotta be in c(++_20:32
poetasterI built some things with this:
poetasternot really live programmable though.20:35
poetasternode's websockets still sucked.20:35
attahSounds like you have yourself a challenge20:35
attahand won't you want webrtc for p2p goodness?20:35
poetasterergh. well, the problem is the work in the javascript front end which emulates the supercollider IDE is completely node dependant.20:37
poetasterthe ws stuff can be implemented in very little code since it's just pass through to sclang. but it's a question if you want to support live coding. I dunno.20:38
poetasterI acutally built the machine to execute discrete programs (synths) and don't live program it.20:39
poetasterAt the moment it's a jukebox that plays a bunch of these:
poetasterfuck llms. L-Systems. Hmm. must be bed time. I grow beligerent :)20:42
poetasterattah, that's it! we need to build an autonomous L-Systems plotter!20:44
poetasterThat makes music as a by product.20:44
attahNot familiar... will need to read up20:44
poetasterturtle graphics?20:47
poetasterok. It's nuts. I'm going to build an A3 plotter that paints the L-System on one XY and underneath etches the musical performance of the same Lsystem onto discard CD/DVDs. Which you can then play on a record player.!21:04

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