Thursday, 2023-09-21

piggz[m]mal: what conifugres the defaultuser to a member of various groups on initial startup?06:38
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henkI’m upgrading my gs290 from to and 'zypper dup' says that it will downgrade 105 packages: is that expected and ok? seems kinda wrong …12:29
malit's probably ok, those can just be that the build number is smaller than before12:51
poetasterpiggz[m], not sure what you mean, but I gues the question is if I can't shoot myself in the knee :) I can do a test with the rephone.13:04
piggzpoetaster: yeah, the idea is to update on ... then try to update to .24, adn it should warn you13:07
poetasterOk, I have the rephone at ... should I do .18, .19, .21 in order? I would think so. And then try .24.13:07
piggzno, just go straighto .2113:08
piggzonly a single minor version in any point release is required13:08
poetasterah, cool. I've recently become a bit anal about updates. Ok, I'll start it up.13:09
poetasterpiggz, btw, have a GX4 coming. curiousity killed cat. bankrupted.13:10
poetasterjust reading the pine news on the side.13:11
henkmal: hm, ok, thanks13:13
poetasterpiggz, any other ideas of what might causing the add extra wlan interfaces? the blacklist go me down to one 'apparent' interface, but 2 still show up in the wlan selector widges. ip addr has different output than ifconfig suggesting13:23
poetasterdoing something with the kernel :)13:23
poetasterpiggz, where should I see the warning. when doing ssu re ?13:38
piggzpoetaster: no, when doing zypper dup13:44
poetasterpiggz, zypper ref is happily chugging along after Changing release from to
piggzshow me zypper dup output13:45
poetasterI didn't do dup yet!13:45
poetasterwhere should it warn me. on zypper dup?13:46
piggzyou get the options to say no anyway...13:46
piggznot sure, i want to see what it says :)13:46
poetasterok, um. ok, It says The following 2 packages are going to be REMOVED:13:51
poetaster  jolla-settings-system-about-font-licenses jolla-settings-system-about-package-licenses13:51
poetaster and a bunch of other stuff.13:51
piggzpastebin it13:51
piggzalso show "zypper ls"13:52
henkhm, while rebooting after upgrading my gs290/volla seems stuck showing the volla logo always shown at boot. does anyone know whether it’s doing something related to the upgrade and I should just let it or should I reset it?13:52
poetasterpiggz, shit, already switched back.13:54
poetasterzypper ls on .24
henkgot impatient, shut it off, booted fine afterwards13:59
poetasterpiggz, on .21 all repos are rpm-md ... when changing to .24 a number went plaindir.13:59
piggzwhat device?14:00
piggzdevel or testing?14:00
piggzif youre on devel, it doesnt count, because that always works :)14:02
poetasterrephone, testing. haven't tried the GS5 yet. the rephone IS different (ie. at least the RAM).14:03
piggzwhat repo is the rephone using?14:03
poetasterpiggz, it's all the same as the volla22.14:03
piggzpoetaster: well, either you did something wrong, or its on devel .. there is no .24 repo for the v22 ;)14:04
poetasterI paste bin'ed it as you asked. what did I do wrong?14:05
piggzno sure ... pastebin ssu lr, and zypper ls14:05
piggzah, so you have some plaindir entires14:06
piggzsorry, i misread above14:06
poetasterthose wound up in there after the ssu re/ur14:06
piggzyes they should ...14:06
poetasterI jsut changed it back and they are all rpm-md14:07
piggzstrange ... zypper seems to be able to resolve most updates without removing any core packages14:07
piggzi mean, it shouldnt work ... but it might!14:07
poetasterwell, it can get release stuff from some repos :) I don't think I'll try though. The rephone is basically cloned state from the GS5 to try to figure out what's going on with networking.14:08
piggzit looks save to upgrade ... but im not sure it would be all packages from .2414:08
poetasterpiggz, other than blacklisting interfaces, do we have a lower level approach? I'm just a /etc/network/interfaces user, but I always get what I configure :)14:29
piggzpoetaster: tbh, i dont know!14:29
piggzblacklisting is supposed to stop connman using it14:29
poetasterit DOES, sort of. The number of Interfaces shown decreases by one. However, there are always THREE interfaces shown if you don't black list one. So there is something other going on.14:36
poetasterpiggz, I wonder if it has something to do with IPv6?15:01
poetasterthere's two ifb devices with fe80 loopback adresses? just a wild guess.15:03
piggz[m]poetaster: are they blacklisted?15:06
poetasterthe 'second' unused wlan interfaces I blacklisted on the GS5 it was wlan0 on the rephone wlan115:17
poetasterThose interfaces no longer appear in ifconfig but they do show up on ip addr15:18
poetasterpiggz[m], the IFB links are a bit odd. That's traffic shaping. If they are being used, they're doing so on only the IPv6 loopback.15:21
poetasterkinda neat idea. hmm. but I don't think it's intentional.15:21
piggzpoetaster: i rememeber blacklisting them on some device, because connman saw them as ethernet devices15:21
piggzcant remmeber if it was the v22 or x2315:21
poetasterhmmm. ok. I'm going throught the options. I just don't kown anything about connman. ah, well.15:25
poetasterpiggz, why did you have PreferredTechnologies = bluetooth, wifi,cellular15:32
poetastershouldn't bluetooth be #3 in that list?15:33
malpoetaster: we blacklisted ifb in connman config, have you not updated the configs if you have some custom one15:33
poetastermal, I have what piggz delivers :) that's still .21, not .2415:33
poetasterI can look on the xperia....15:33
malifb should be in NetworkInterfaceBlacklist15:33
poetasterwhat I have (.24 on xperia 10III) NetworkInterfaceBlacklist = p2p,usb,rmnet,rev_rmnet15:34
malit probably is not yet there15:35
malit was added to devel in april15:35
poetastermal ok. just noticed the list is also bluetooth, wifi, cellular for 'Preferred'. Hmmm.15:36
malI remember at least one of piggz's devices needed that15:36
malI mean that ifb blacklisting15:36
poetasterhmmm. ok. I think that'll be the latest, x23. But I've already tried blacklisting on the volla22 variants and it's not relevant. it's something more spooky. Like action at a distance.15:37
poetasterpiggz, the later yggdrasil-ci jobs (run-build-lvm-testing) are 4.5 flashable builds or?17:10
piggz[m]poetaster: yes,
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henkafter updating my volla/gs290 to 4.5, I don’t have mobile internet connectivity. making calls and sending sms seems to work fine but mobile data don’t. it’s turned on but "ip add" doesn’t show a device I could identify as being the mobile data connection, let alone an address or route: any advice what to look at? concrete steps to take on the device? or19:42
henkdocumentation to read? logs?19:42
malpiggz[m]: ^19:44
poetasterhenk, I haven't updated my gs290s but Seven.of.nine on the forum, among others has. have you tried asking there?20:32
henkpoetaster: no, not yet20:35
poetasterhenk, just saw Seven also had issues with Mobile Data. Hmmm. Would have to ask. I think 7 is back to Hmmm.20:42

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