Friday, 2023-09-22

henkpiggz, poetaster, mal: got it solved with the info in, thanks (:08:36
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malhenk: so it was the ifb I mentioned yesterday11:28
henkmal: yes, seems so (: I wasn’t quite able to follow that discussion. I think I missed a part and it seemed like poetaster’s problem was with wlan, not wwan …11:38
henk woah, that’s weird o_O11:43
henk»I observed that the presence of Jolla Calculator slows down the phone, even when app is not in use. Deinstallation speeds up the device. Reason unknown. To have a calculator on the phone, I installed RPNcalc from Storeman, that I like more.11:43
henkSailfish Weather behaves similar, so I also deinstalled it. No substitute, because I don’t need it.11:43
poetasterhenk, I don't think the 'calculator' observation is correct. Weather could be since it is active.11:47
poetasterhenk, and yes, the wlan issue maybe the same as the wwan if the queue shaping interface was an issue. That's an interface that block all traffic if it's not set up correctly.11:48
malhenk: that calculator thing is very odd, we can't any way that could affect anything11:51
henkhm, what’s the proper way of uninstalling the weather app? I don’t see it as installed in storeman, nor jolla store, nor chum o_O11:54
henkbut it does show up in the menu and shows as installed in "zypper se weather"11:54
poetasterhenk, I uninstalled the weather app using zypper to first find all the packages and then uninstall11:57
henksailfish-weather, sailfish-components-weather-qt5 and their -all-translations-pack companions?11:58
henkjust removing sailfish-weather would also remove "patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-yggdrasil patterns-sailfish-store-applications" which does not sound like such a good idea …11:59
poetasterpatterns-sailfish-store-applications is meta. no way around it. does no harm. you can inspect the depends in those packages to see what it entails, but I did this on the GS5 and it's fine.12:01
henkmhm, but if it depends on anything relevant in the future, I won’t get that, which is probably more relevant for patterns-sailfish-device-configuration-yggdrasil12:12
malstill odd how uninstalling some app could affect performance in any way12:14
malthe apps are quite simple12:14
malwe discussed that at jolla but couldn't think of any reason12:15
henkI’m kinda guessing that it doesn’t really affect performance on my device because I never accepted the permissions the weather app needs … what would the process show up as in 'ps' if it was active?12:21
henkI want to enlarge my root partition 2.4G are filled to 66%. on the forum is linked which mentions "embedded recovery" and "hybris-recovery.img". the builds on don’t seem to include a hybris-recovery.img, though. and I’m not sure whether my13:03
henkdevice has an embedded recovery tool. can anyone give advice which variant I should use, where to find a recovery image suitable for the gs290, or anything else that might help?13:03
malpiggz can probably help13:05
henkcool, thx13:18
henkpiggz[m]: uuuh, but do I install that rpm or extract an image from it?13:19
piggz[m]henk: extract it, get the hybrs-recovery.img and boot it13:24
piggz[m]if you can do fastboot boot the file, you dont even need to flash it to the boot partition13:24
henkhuh, now I wonder whether I can just install droid-hal-yggdrasil-img-recovery via zypper?13:37
piggzit would be much safer just to boot it13:53
piggzand no, i dont think you ca just install that13:54
piggzjust download and extract the rpm, the use fastboot to load it13:54
henksomewhere I saw something like "reboot recovery" as a command. is there also "reboot fastboot"? (or what is it called? "download"?)13:57
henkor a reference which args the reboot command supports? "reboot --help" doesn’t say which ARGs are supported …13:57
henkuuuh, ok, I tried booting it as described (enter fastboot mode on phone, 'fastboot boot hybris-recovery.img'), transfer was ok, it seemed to do something™ with a black screen, then rebooted into my normal system. any ideas what could be the issue?14:10
piggz[m]not sure ... i cant remember if the volla properly supported dynamically booting like that....14:36
piggz[m]if you are happy to flash your boot you could try that...14:36
piggz[m]and just flash the regular boot back later14:36
piggz[m]attah: how are you getting on with the ppp?14:46
poetasterpiggz[m], are the x23 bulds all still devel?14:47
piggz[m]yes ... im considering making a testing: one though14:48
henkpiggz[m]: "flash my boot" means "booting device to fastboot" then flash with "fastboot flash boot hybris-recovery.img", right?14:51
poetasterah, damn it. pulled a cable, bricked a friggen phone.14:56
henkhrm, that just goes into a reboot loop … I took droid-hal-yggdrasil-img-recovery-0.0.1-master.20230612200813.ff35156-initrd.2ec16ce-1.aarch64.rpm is that known to be good or could something be wrong with it?14:57
henkpoetaster: oh, ouch. "bricked" as in "terminally" or is it recoverable?14:57
poetasterdunno. it has an incomplete volla bootloader on it from the look of it.14:59
poetasterit's boot looping now, so I guess it could be worse. But I cannot get to fastboot or recovery.14:59
henkheh, I just had a similar issue: flashing 'recovery' as 'boot' on the gs290 and then it boot looped. holding volup made it go to fastboot.15:01
poetasternope, I'm hooped. hmmm.15:02
piggzim sure spflash will fix it!15:06
poetasterpiggz, ok, I have it somewhere around15:07
piggz[m]but use that as a last resort, and donw wipe your imei!15:08
henkpiggz: tried again, bootloops again. are you sure droid-hal-yggdrasil-img-recovery-0.0.1-master.20230612200813.ff35156-initrd.2ec16ce-1.aarch64.rpm is a good recovery image?15:09
henkas in "working"15:09
piggz[m]tbh, im not sure, never had to use one!15:10
poetasterpiggz[m], the x23/GX4 has, it seems and incomplete boot img from volla on it. So, it looks like no choice. Or just send it to you in the mail as an x-mas gift :)15:11
poetasterpiggz[m], I wouldn't keep it anyway. I do not like it :)15:12
piggz[m]i have enough od knackered phones ta ;)15:12
poetasterI'll see if I can use the old sp flash tool15:13
poetastersigh:  is missing. ah, hell15:16
poetasterpiggz[m], x23 images are under the halium-vidofnir jobs?15:24
henkpiggz[m]: hrm, ok … my goal in the end is to increase the root partition because 2.4G seems a little small and I can easily spare some space to enlarge it to 10G. is there any other way of doing this than using a recovery image as described in
piggz[m]if you dont mind reflashing, just use the lastes image, which is 8gb
poetasterpiggz[m], vidofnir == x23?15:29
attahpiggz[m]: been a bit busy... but now i have some time to poke at it again15:30
attahAnything special i should be looking closer at?15:31
piggzattah: some users reported ofono segfaulting ... havnt had a chance to look at it yet ... the version in my home obs repo wasnt crashing for me ... need to double check the version i built on the dontbeevil repo was the same, with same ell version15:41
piggzcould be a good task to investigate15:41
attahpiggz: And i still have wakeup issues apparently
piggz[m]attah: snippet not found16:58
attahAh, sorry, default expire is 1h17:01
piggz[m]attah: use your hacking skills to make a uart cable?17:02
attahI guess... but what would i get more than persistent journal gets me?17:02
piggz[m]you should get any kernel panic messages that dont hit the journal17:03
attahso i gather you don't see anything that's actionable?17:05
piggz[m]you could enable additional dsme debug logs17:06
attahhow would i do that?17:09
piggz[m]look in the systemd unit for dsme, and it will reference where it loads environment settings from ... usually /var/lib/environment ...17:10
piggz[m]create/edit file there to suit, probably adding -d option or such17:10
attahEnvironmentFile=-/var/lib/environment/dsme/*.conf ...though the directory doesn't exist. Any pointers for format of said files?17:13
attahdsme seems entirely ungooglable17:13
piggz[m]add eg debug.conf ...... the Exec line in the.unti will say what variable name to use... something like "DSME_ARGS="-d" ....17:15
piggz[m]check with dsme --help17:15
attah dsme --help is completely useless unfortunately17:19
attahhmm, maybe dsme-server17:19
attahI put in DSME_ARGS="-v 7", but i really have no idea what the format should be17:27
piggz[m]attah: the weird thing in your log is the reboot message ... like, it deliberately rebooted, so, i wonder if that was dsme doing that17:47
attahpiggz: that is me giving up and holding the button17:49
attah...or at least that's what i thought17:49
piggz[m]attah: ah ok, then that is dsme17:49
piggz[m]so, it just doesnt turn the screen back on?17:50
piggz[m]a uart cable would give you root console access, without worrying about network devices getting in the way17:51
attahno idea how much have gone wrong beyond that...17:51
attahbut yes, that is the primary symptom17:51
attahproject for tomorrow then :)17:51
henkpiggz[m]: hm, I was just looking into what the script does to see what "reflashing" would mean and now I wonder how I installed it … it says something about a logo. when would that be shown? during boot I see a "volla" logo, no sailfish logo … and I see the warning about "orange state" and device being untrusted which I think that last step commented with17:55
henk»#Lock partition to allow flashing and remove boot warning« might be referring to …17:55
piggzhenk: did you install it using the volla boot manager thing?17:56
henkpiggz: hm, I’m just trying to reconstruct with some historical irc log archaeology :D17:57
henkpossibly, yes17:57
henkIIRC I had to go some roundabout way, first flashing some ubports stuff or so17:57
piggz[m]henk: my builds only flash the partitions directly ... some volla guys did some magic, but ive never tried that17:58
piggz[m]the lock partition thing is to allow flashing boot from inside the OS ... you can always flash it from fastboot still17:58
henkok. reflashing would mean that both / and /home would be deleted, right?18:01
henkhm, I don’t like that so much so I’ll hold off on that for now … are there any other recovery images I could test, like older versions? or is there anything I can do to figure out why the one I tried doesn’t boot?18:08
piggzhenk: there are other versions here
poetasterpiggz, have you got a scatter for the x23 ? I can't find one and it seems to be a current issue with mtkclient & co.
piggzi dont, sry18:11
poetasterokidoke. it's bit pita since I wasn't even doing it for me. sigh.18:11
poetasterwell, at least I got my VisualEncoderDecoder model trained. But context switching is what caused my cable disaster. some days I dunno if I should laugh or cry.18:13
piggz[m]yeah, a serial uart is great for debugging ... except the terrible speed and size of the terminal18:16
henkif in doubt: ly … eeh, I mean craugh … errrr18:16
poetasterheh. I'd like to desolder the flash and, and, and ....18:17
henkpiggz: I’ll try some of these. thanks for all your help (:18:20
poetasterpiggz[m], when you have a chance, try out seaprint on your x23 ... I'm curious if the network issue is just volla22/GS5/rephone or more general.18:46
henkpiggz: they are actually all the exact same recovery image20:11
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