Saturday, 2023-09-23

attahpiggz[m]: so... how do i turn on the serial console?09:04
attah /sys/class/sunxi_dump/write does not appear to exist09:04
attahah, hardware switch09:15
attahSo the phone is just dead like a dodo, even on serial :/09:22
piggz[m]attah: and you get uboot and kernel messages on the serial?10:50
piggz[m]and a root login?10:50
piggz[m]it cant be dead if holding the power triggers a reboot10:50
attahpiggz[m]: bootloader seems to be on another baudrate... i get a regular textmode login prompt10:58
piggz[m]ok, so you can login as root?10:58
piggz[m]and when its "dead" it does or doest respond to input?10:59
attahi log in as defaultuser and elevate10:59
attahit does not respond at all10:59
piggz[m]hmmm, im not sure then!11:03
piggz[m]best ask in some other pine forums11:03
attahthey'll just nitpick over that it isn't actually dead and the go away11:04
attahguess how i know11:04
attah(until i have something that looks like a clue at least)11:05
attahNow i seem to be getting stuck in the bootloader somehow11:06
attahPreviously i have just held the power button to reboot and it has worked every other time or so11:07
attahnow it blinks a bit and does nothing11:07
attahPhew... finally11:08
attahpiggz[m]: have you tried a clean reflash recently? and perhaps i should...11:10
attahMaybe it doesn't like booting with the cable connected11:14
attahpiggz[m]: what's the hadouken-combo for getting to mass storage mode with the new bootloader?11:41
attah...and where to find this megi person? Discord thinks Trusted Firmware is my issue11:46
attahpiggz[m]: Any tips on contacting megi in the open, so that any answers will be somewhat preserved?15:17
piggz[m]attah: #pinedev on freenode16:41
attahOh, that's still around16:41
attahDoes not appear to be a thing anymore... like most of freenode16:55
attahWent back to tow-boot... at least i have *some* suspend now17:38
*** Mister_Magister_ is now known as Mister_Magister18:28
piggz[m]attah: you have matrix?20:44
attahpiggz[m]: no. i'm quite the luddite20:45
attahI guess i should look into something like that20:45
attahpiggz[m]: or wait... maybe i do *technically* have it20:47
attahah, yes... it is this thing that thinks a browser is a "device" and insists on forgetting the keys because i clear cookies20:49
attahand now i have security-key(3).txt20:49
attahbecause it doesn't tell me what the file is called when it asks for it20:50
attahhmmm so this medi is indeed an [I] person too... but that channel did not exist on freenode O.o20:57
attahAnd while presumably official, is not mirrored to discord.... this truly is the worst timeline20:58
attahTurns out it is their own irc server, despite the info on matrix21:04
attah...which i just earlier this month got told id basically all but dead in favor of discord... except for this channel apparently21:05

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