Monday, 2023-09-25

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malrubdos[m]: hi, some build issues with your llvm PR, clang spec needs some fixing19:17
rubdos[m]mal thanks for the ping19:48
rubdos[m]My threadripper is out-of-order for building, so I'm building on my laptop... i5-5200U. Takes some hours.19:48
rubdos[m]I'm going to try and build LLVM 16 now, I've pushed the two packaging lines.19:48
rubdos[m]That is, without any testing. If you'd rather have me test that too, that's totally fine. I'll be happy to spin up a Rust 1.52 build against llvm-15 just for the fun of it tomorrow.19:49
malrubdos[m]: thanks, I trigger new build of devel using that, btw mesa needs updating even for llvm-15, I have a branch for that already so you don't need to care about that19:50
rubdos[m]thanks, good to know19:52
rubdos[m]feel free to ping me here or on Github for anything that comes to mind19:52
rubdos[m]I was about to check flypig's Gecko log to check what Rust he might need19:52
malok, we'll see how the build goes with the latest version in PR, will take couple of hours probably to build everything19:52
malI'll check the result tomorrow, initial check later today to check clang build19:53
rubdos[m]thanks! I've started llvm16 locally now, see how far I get.19:53
rubdos[m]I was already surprised that LLVM15 just built like that, of course I forgot about clang19:54
rubdos[m]who uses C anyway ;-)19:54
rubdos[m]Okay so flypig does ESR 91, let's see.19:54
rubdos[m]ESR 91 is officially built with Rust 1.53 and has MSRV 1.51. Anything over FF 94 will require a Rust push.19:55
rubdos[m]So sounds like I will submit Rust 1.54.0 and 1.74.  There's no way I'm going to get that last one to behave before EOW, but we'll see.19:56
rubdos[m]My target is to hit ~1.63 asap, and see where I get from there :-)19:57
malrubdos[m]: just a tiny nitpick about the recent changes, clang-pseudo is not sorted alphabetically but seems some other sorting issues there already so not sure if important20:14
rubdos[m]yeh, I didn't really see a sorting order anymore... So I threw it in somewhere. Want me to resort to re-sorting?20:15
rubdos[m]Will happily do so20:15
malmaybe sort that part most of those are correctly sorted but the stuff around those offload files are wrong20:16
rubdos[m]force-pushed an amend20:18
malyou can squash all changes into one commit, maybe add some mention of reordering to commit message extra lines20:19
rubdos[m]mal: do I push a commit to sort them? It's quite a tiny change. Can also do it in a separate PR if that's cleaner to your eye.20:19
rubdos[m]Just a single commit with a mention about the sorting, then?20:20
malalso format the commit message to [llvm] Update to version 15.0.720:21
malwhich is the style used in that repo20:22
malah, actually [llvm] Update llvm and clang to 15.0.720:22
mallike the previous update commit20:22
rubdos[m]Thank you for the quick help20:24
rubdos[m]I've also amended my WIP LLVM-16 according to the above.20:26
rubdos[m]I'm spewing bs. I shouldn't be porting 1.54, since mainline is already 1.61 :D20:39
malrubdos[m]: heh, so 1.63 should not be difficult if you really need newer than 1.6121:27
malrubdos[m]: I had some branch for 1.64, can't remember what issue it had21:28
malalso for 1.66 it seems21:28
malprobably need to test those again at some point21:28
rubdos[m]I recall you writing something on the tracker, so I'll read that again. Thanks :-)21:39
rubdos[m]1.63 should be doable and should fix our short-term issues. I'd like to jump slightly past it though too21:39
malas long as gecko still builds21:40
rubdos[m]Apparently, Firefox builds with stable Rust nowadays, so it shouldn't matter21:45
rubdos[m]but that's indeed something to test21:45
malrubdos[m]: looks like rust needs updating for new llvm22:03
malsome changes in 1.62 but also up to 1.65 seems to be some changes, not sure which is the minimum required one22:05
malmaybe I need to rebase my test branches to see which one might work22:06
rubdos[m]mal: do you mean that the current 1.61 would require changes, or that 1.62+ needs changes?22:07
malI mean at least some of the errors I see in rust build log were fixed in 1.62, not sure if all were fixed in that version22:07
malin 1.65 changelog I see mention of "Update to LLVM 15"22:11
rubdos[m]Aha, so I'm already too far in the future for 1.61...22:11
rubdos[m]either way, then we already have the patches ready.22:11
rubdos[m]That was kinda my goal, having a progression of LLVMs, clangs and Rusts ready for when Jolla is ready to merge them :)22:12
rubdos[m](and then I can document them too)22:12
rubdos[m]LLVM 15 is the minimum required for current Rust master, that's why I started there.22:13
rubdos[m]I'll take some sleep now, I think. My laptop will build LLVM 16 over night :'-)22:14
rubdos[m]Thanks for the assistance, information, and builds and tests mal!  Much appreciated.22:14
rubdos[m]Good night!22:14
malI rebased on 1.64 branch, let's see if it builds22:17

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