Friday, 2023-10-06

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yurabeznosHey, hello.18:47
yurabeznosI'm intersted in OBS. How to access it as developer?18:50
malyurabeznos: talk to Keto to get an account18:55
yurabeznosmal: thanks. where is better to ask, irc of forum?18:57
malyou can send private message on irc with the username you want and your email address19:01
piggzmal: Keto: is obs having issues? has been "checking out" for 3 hours!19:30
malpiggz: it could be that ge19:43
malpiggz: it could be that gecko was causing it, I disabled it19:43
malpiggz: wondering if that should be triggered again19:44
Ketoyeah, it has trouble with those huge sources20:38
piggzKeto: its usually ok20:54

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