Sunday, 2023-10-08

direc85[m]Good Saturday afternoon! I'm having an issue on my X10III - Android app support doesn't start after stopping it yesterday evening. I know a reboot would fix it, but I'd like to find the cause of that.09:30
direc85[m]I created a bug report on the forums about this, with journalctl logs:
direc85[m]Please have a look and tell me what logs or extra information would help in finding the root cause, thanks!09:31
pherjung[m]There are various similar bug reports. It's an old one, but it may be worth to check if it's the same issue:
pherjung[m]If you want to find easily other bug reports related to android app support, I tagged them there:
direc85[m]Thank you!18:00
maldirec85[m]: did you figure out how to fix the issue?18:04
direc85[m]No, not yet. I was an acting lumberjack today, there was a storm that knocked off a few trees.18:06
direc85[m]I'm currently browsing through the bugs pherjung linked18:06
direc85[m]So far the closest match seems to be but even that's a bit off18:07
malfor such messages check the process sending them using the pid mention in that log18:09
malit's quite normal to see some binder messages if appsupport is not running18:14
direc85[m]Back at this. I haven't been able to catch the process(es) that crash; I guess they are so short-lived that they never pop up in htop19:55
direc85[m]As the crash output in journalctl is kernel: Core dump to |/usr/sbin/rich-core-dumper --pid=905 --signal=6 --name=android.hardwar disabled it doesn't limit it that much either...19:56
direc85[m]...or I may be grepping the process(es) on my host. One of the other, we'll never know!19:57
direc85[m]Nope, there are no such PIDs in the phone which are reported in journalctl, so they must be aliendalvik-internal20:05
maldo you see anything in tombstones?20:05
direc85[m]Yes, let's see what...20:07
direc85[m]`/vendor/bin/hw/` --> `Abort message: 'Failed HIDL return status not checked. Usually this happens because of a transport error (error parceling, binder driver, or from unparceling). If you see this in code calling into "Bn" classes in for a HAL server process, then it is likely that the code there is returning transport errors there (as opposed to errors defined within its20:08
direc85[m]protocol). Error is: Status(EX_TRANSACTION_FAILED): 'DEAD_OBJECT: ''`20:08
malin which folder is that?20:09
direc85[m]/data/tombstone, but that's actually from two days ago, so nevermind I guess20:09
malthe appsupport tombstones are somewhere under /home/.system/ or something like that20:10
direc85[m]Actually, I just remembered something......20:11
malin /data it has the host tombstones from adaptation20:11
direc85[m]I had the X10III triple-camera switch enabled, but disabling that didn't change the behavior20:13
direc85[m]There are /home/.android/data/[vendor/]tombstones folders20:14
direc85[m]/system/bin/hw/ at least appears20:15
direc85[m]Crash counts (past 31):... (full message at <>)20:21
malanything in the backtrace that would help debug it?20:24
direc85[m]The backtrace for the audio crashes are the same:... (full message at <>)20:29
direc85[m]media.codec:... (full message at <>)20:30
direc85[m]drm:... (full message at <>)20:30
maldirec85[m]: when did the issues start? did you update sailfish or do something else?20:32
direc85[m]It could be linked to
direc85[m]The issue started this morning, when I tried to start app support after shutting it down yesterday evening to conserve power. Before that I had to restart pulseaudio to regain audio.20:34
direc85[m]Hmm, let me do a test call to self to see if call audio still works.20:35
maland reboot doesn't help?20:38
direc85[m]I'm almost sure it would, but as the issue is on, I'd like to milk all logs I can.20:41
direc85[m]It has at least fixed the audio issue always. I don't typically restart app support, however.20:42
malyeah, grab full journal, and those tombstones, that's pretty much all that can be found unless you can manage to start appsupport logcat20:42
maldepends on how soon it fails20:42
direc85[m]Call audio works. Pulseaudio restart hasn't always fixed that though.20:42
direc85[m]My issue has noise-filtered journald logs, but I'll provide one more, which lets the service turn itself off after some timeout.20:44
direc85[m]I can start logcat20:47
direc85[m]I collected the tombstones, journal dump and logcat dump.21:03

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